PRESS RELEASE:  21 January 2021, Windhoek


  1. In solidarity with the Namibian nation fighting the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bank of Namibia has donated medical equipment of about N$3 Million worth to the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The donation took place on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 at the Ministry of Health and Social Services in Windhoek.
  2. The donated equipment includes masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ECG machines, CRAP machines and CRAP Prongs, Electrocardiographs, High-flow nasal oxygen machines with accessories, Intubation kits, patient monitors, phototherapy lamps, Infusion pump fluid administration lines, oxygen flow metres, and thermo-guns, among others.
  3. The medical equipment is tailored to assist the various needs in state hospitals and is essential for the management of patients with Covid 19 related ailments. Additionally, the equipment/materials are useful to the hospitals in the general provision of medical care during and post the -COVID-19 pandemic as well as for non-Covid related medical emergencies. A considerable amount has been set aside to augment the quality and quantities of PPEs in order to protect health workers who continue to be vulnerable to infections.
  4. Handing over the donation, the Bank’s Governor Mr. Johannes !Gawaxab, stated: “Ours is a response to a nationwide call by H.E. President Dr. Hage G. Geingob for the private and public sector to come on board and support Governments’ efforts to fight the global pandemic. In this way, we are not only contributing towards the fight against the coronavirus but assisting to secure a sustainable future for our country. The Bank as a socially conscious and responsible corporate citizen, deemed it imperative to get involved by making this donation.”
  1. The donation is destined for selected state hospitals in Namibia, and specifically in Erongo, Zambezi, Karas, Kavango East and Hardap regions.
  2. Receiving the donation, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Hon. Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, expressed his gratitude for the Bank of Namibia: “The donation speaks to the needs of our work, the protection of health workers and the provision of quality services to patients. Therefore, as the nation is battling with the second wave of the Corona outbreak, the Bank of Namibia’s donation is timely and as the Ministry of Health, we would like to assure the Bank that we will put the equipment to good use.”
  3. Apart from this donation, in its role as a central bank, the Bank of Namibia last year responded to the outbreak of Covid-19 and rolled out relief measures that were supported by a reduction in the repo rate to historic low levels. Furthermore, policy directives on regulatory relief were issued by Bank of Namibia in response to economic and financial stability challenges, which continue to be in place. These measures have cushioned households and businesses from the pandemic.
  4. Going forward, in the collective drive towards economic recovery from the pandemic, the Bank of Namibia will play its role and move forward with efforts to grow the economy more rapidly, working with the Government and private sector to contribute effectively to economic development.
  5. Over the years, the Bank has been playing a vital role in the socioeconomic wellbeing and continuous empowerment of Namibians. The Bank’s commitment in this regard remains steadfast.

Issued by:

Kazembire Zemburuka

Deputy Director: Corporate Communications

Department of Strategic Communications and Financial Sector Development, Bank of Namibia

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