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The African Leadership Institute (ALI) has successfully trained more than 3000 Business, Government and Church leaders since January 2005.
Testimonies from students and employers confirm that the training improved the strength of character of the participant, helped them to be more trustworthy, proactive and brave.  Their abilities to manage their own families improved and their relationships with other employees were strengthened as well.
ALI offers an NQA accredited Level 5 Certificate in Transformational Leadership. ALI is also registered as a Private Higher Education Institution by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and as a training provider with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA).  Companies paying the training levy to the NTA can now claim back the training fees for employees they send to the training (T & C’s apply).
Our next intake this year is the J-041 school.
Included please find:
·  Our electronic brochure
·  Information document
·  ALI Application form
 It is very seldom that people simply develop on their own or in their sleep.  It is possible, but most unlikely.  With the right investment at the right time, however, we will be amazed how much people can grow.