The FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust recently held a Youth Workshop at Okondjatu and this year a short workshop session was introduced aimed at inspiring and motivating the learners of Okondjatu with a specific focus on teaching a few social lessons through various games.

The workshop was facilitated by Bolle Hans, Public Sector Banking Manager at FNB Namibia and Angela Katjimuine. Bolle Hans said: “I facilitated the boy’s workshop and encouraged the learners to study hard, work diligently and to always believe in their abilities and destiny despite the circumstances.” He also spoke about self-respect and respect for others (peers and teachers/parents) as well as discipline in all areas of life. Angela touched on the fundamental life skills, the importance of respecting oneself, others and the environment. Overall the purpose was to inspire and motivate the students. The learners played games such as ‘Doughnuts on the rope, potato game, coin game and jelly bean game.’

The facilitators received positive feedback and the learners have committed themselves to living more meaningful goal-orientated lives. Martha Jan from Uitkoms indicated that she learned about the importance of group work and caring for each other. Makupe Tjaapo mentioned that she was born to create an impact and that her voice and dreams count.

The FirstRand Namibia Foundation Trust has supported the Okondjatu Combined School with an amount of N$50,000 towards a study skills workshop for grade 10, Youth Workshop for grade 6 and 7, Sports Day and Academic Awards over the past two years. This year the event was organised with savings from the previous year. 40 boys and 40 girls from the Uitkoms Primary School, Otjinene Secondary School, Okamatapati and Okondjatu Combined schools attended the

Since FNB’s involvement, the mindsets of the learners, teachers, principal and the community have changed positively, and transformation is evident, with an increase in the pass rate for 2015 and 2016. The 2017 results were not satisfactory and FNB Namibia assisted again by inviting three student tutors to help with the study skills workshop for grade 10 to improve their results for 2018. The student tutors mainly focused on Physical Science, Mathematics and Accounting.

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