“As you approach retirement age you are probably looking to make some changes in the way you manage your finances. This is where the FNB Senior Lifestyle Account comes in. It offers seniors a free bank account with no monthly fees, no ATM withdrawal fees, no swipe fees, no deposit fees and five in-branch transactions”, says Martha Murorua, FNB Executive Officer for Consumers.

“On top of this great product, FNB also offers anyone 55 years and older, the Senior Effective Fixed Deposit which gives an 11% return on investment at the maturity date, which is after 60 months.

Banking for senior citizens has to accommodate planning for future expenses as well as everyday spending. Proper management of your account can help ensure that you get as much as you can out of your retirement savings.

“During these tough times, it is our responsibility to look after our senior citizens, like they have looked after us”, concludes Murorua.


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