Photo Caption – (From Left to Right) – Mr Job Tjiho, Executive Director Rossing Foundation – Ms Adri Sachse – Mr Chris Movirongo, Rossing Foundation Trustee – Sam Kauapirura, Transformation & Corporate Communication, Hollard Namibia

24 February 2020, The Rossing Foundation, Windhoek. In 1978 the Rossing Foundation was established with a clear directive, to facilitate and implement various educational projects across Namibia, projects aimed at making a fundamental difference to the lives of the people living in those communities. The goal was also to empower our people by giving them the knowledge they would need to look at creating a better, prosperous future for themselves.

Namibia is a vast, beautiful country, which was to become the key challenge in their endeavours, as reaching some of these communities would not be an easy task. Thus in 2015, the Mobile Laboratory Initiative was born, a fully equipped science laboratory Van, which would make it possible for even the most isolated communities to be reached, realising the dream of being able to not only educate our youth but also assist in better the living standards and lives in general of the people living there where once it was impossible to do so. 

Hollard Namibia as over the years invested heavily into ECD (Early Childhood Development), identifying projects that would realistically make the biggest difference to the people who need it the most. In 2017 Hollard Namibia donated N$70,000.00 towards the Mobile Laboratory, also insuring the vehicle, ensuring that the children who rely on the knowledge provided by the Van could rest assured in the fact that no matter what, nothing will hamper the Van from returning to them.

With more than 10 schools, 159 teachers and 4375 learners being supported through the Mobile Outreach Program, Hollard donated a further N$37,000.00 to The Rossing Foundation, supporting and promoting the ideology that through initiatives such as these, a real difference can be made. Sustainability and the drive for positive change should be at the forefront of our thinking, continuously striving to create and secure a better future for all Namibians, which simply is, The Hollard Way. 

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