11 November 2020 – Windhoek Digital Enabler Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) today entered a new partnership with MultiChoice Namibia (MCN), to provide streaming bundles to its DStv subscribers in Namibia.

The new Streaming Bundles will allow customers to stream DStv and Showmax content on their mobile devices at a cheaper cost than normal Internet bundles and all you will need is an active DStv and/or Showmax subscription.

In a joint statement made today by MCN Managing Director Mr. Roger Gertze and MTC Namibia Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Melvin Angula stated, “Research has stipulated that the world has moved towards a mobile era, with smartphone ownership on the rise every day. As a leading pay-tv operator, MultiChoice Namibia has leapfrogged into providing additional ICT-based products to Namibian consumers in the form of a video-on-demand service, which includes our Showmax and DStv streaming service.”

The new Streaming Bundles will allow customers to stream DStv and Showmax on their mobile devices at a cheaper cost, as opposed to using normal internet bundles. “The new offering was prompted by the need to keep on innovating and offering affordable products and services to our customers, hence we have decided to design this package, a new offering that will ease the cost of streaming, and permit you to watch and enjoy your movies without digging deep in your pockets,” said Angula.

Angula also explained that, “For now, the Streaming Bundles can only be purchased through the MTC service menu *682# (Select Bundles and choose Streaming Bundles), while purchases through the MTC App is expected to be ready before end November. This service is also available to purchase by all pre-paid customers service plans, except Netman Time. “To celebrate the festive season, a promotion is currently running on these bundles until 02 February 2021. For more information, we advise customers to contact MTC on 12000 or 13000,” confirmed Angula.

You can register a maximum of four devices on your DStv subscription and a maximum of two simultaneous viewing streams are permitted across your registered devices. What this means is that you can either be streaming two live TV channels or stream two Catch Up videos or stream one live TV channel and one Catch Up video.

Whereas on Showmax customers can register up to five devices on your Showmax subscription, the DStv Explora counts as one of these devices. The added benefit is that you can also watch two different shows on two devices simultaneously, off the same Showmax subscription.

Gertze further stated, “Self-service platforms act as first lines of support which help customers understand our products better, and Showmax and DStv is no exception. With the vast content offering available, as a business, we continue to enrich the lives of our customers by providing awarding-winning movies, series and sport so that our customers enjoy world-class entertainment.”

In order to enjoy the streaming bundle, customers can use DStv on any broadband internet connection, including ADSL, 3G/HSDPA, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi. A minimum connection speed of 2Mbps is required, but for the best experience, we recommend a 4Mbps line or faster. 

Video sizes for DStv Catch Up and Showmax vary in size, depending on the quality of the video and the length of the title: Series can range from 200 MB to 300 MB.  Movies can be anywhere from 700 MB to 5 GB.

MTC Streaming Bundles are configured to provide the optimal quality on mobile devices and the bandwidth is set to a maximum of 480p.

Authorised by: The Corporate Affairs Departments for MTC and MCN

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