NamPower would like to inform the public that a 315 MVA transformer, with the voltage ratings of 400/220/22kV is being transported via road from Gerus
substation near Otjiwarongo to Johannesburg, South Africa.

The transformer, one of the four that were commissioned with the Zambezi Link Interconnector (ZLI) in 2010, is enroute to Eskom-Rotek Industries (ERI) via
Botswana for repairs.

Internal faults were detected in the transformer through a proactive maintenance programme, and as such NamPower took a decision to de-energise
the transformer to curb further damage and avoid running the transformer to failure.

The 175 tonne transformer is mounted on a Scheuerle 17 axle multi-axle trailer (8 wheels per axle) .i.e.136 wheels trailer. The trailer is a push-pull combination
with two trucks in operation: A Volvo 610HP 8×6 pulling and a Volvo 480 HP 8×4 pushing. This amounts to a total of 290 tonnes, making it one of the heaviest
loads ever transported on Namibian roads.

The cargo will be accompanied by four vehicle escorts: two private vehicles and two police vehicles. It departed from Gerus Substation on 17 September 2018
and is expected to pass through Windhoek today, 18 September 2018.

For the mechanical science and transport enthusiasts, this is a rare undertaking to spot, so be on the lookout for this gigantic operation.

In addition, NamPower also urges the public to cooperate with the traffic officers escorting this load to ensure a smooth and effective operation.

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