As from 1 July 2018, the Building Control Department of the Municipal Council of the City of Windhoek informed residents that compliance inspections will now be charged as follows:

1.     Sellers who wish to sell their property, or any members interest in a close corporation which is the registered owner of immovable property, or more than 50 % of the issued shares in a private company which is the registered owner of immovable property, will have to pay the following rates to have their properties inspected in order to be able sell the property whether outright or by way of sale of shares or members interest in juristic entities:

1.1.1. Per inspection in areas designated by low-income housing =

N$ 134.00 plus VAT N$ 20.00 = N$ 154.0

1.1.2. Per inspection in other areas:

N$ 667-00 plus VAT N$ 100-00 = N$ 767-00

1.1.3. Per inspection, in respect of each subsequent Inspection until a compliance certificate is issued:

N$ 667-00 plus VAT N$ 100-00 = N$ 767-00

2.     Practically, this means that for each inspection attendance at an owner’s property, the owner will first have to attend to the City of Windhoek to pay the            initial fee and if another inspection is required by the City of Windhoek, the subsequent fee will first have to be paid, before any further inspections will be done.

3.    In the event of the owner and inspector arranging a date and time for the inspection and the owner is not present at the property at the time as arranged, the owner will have to pay for another attendance.

4.   We, therefore, urge sellers to take note of these new tariffs, as it may become very costly to obtain the required Building Compliance Certificate.

5.   Our advice will be to act timeously if you intend to sell your property.

6.   Obtain copies of your property’s building plans at the Building Control Department and consult a reliable draftsperson / architect to draw new plans (if   current plans are not in agreement with the structures on the property).

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