As part of its Transmission Master Plan, which is aimed at planning for the future of the national electrical transmission system, NamPower continues to
maintain and upgrade its transmission infrastructure, while expanding it to accommodate the growing electricity demand and generation integration in the
country. The utility will over the next five to seven years, spend over N$7 billion on the Transmission Infrastructure Expansion Programme.

NamPower reached yet another step in its effort to upgrade its infrastructure, with the arrival of two transformers from India, with voltage ratings of 330/132/22kV and 80 MVA capacity, at the Walvis Bay Harbour. The 71 tons (each) transformers, which are being transported by road, are headed to the new Hippo Substation next to Ruacana Power Station. The new transformers will replace the existing aging 330/66/22kV, 40 MVA capacity coupling transformers, which have reached their end of life of more than 30 years at the Power Station.

The new transformers have a larger capacity of 80 MVA, to cater for the increased demand in the northern central area, and to maintain redundancy.

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