Unlocking opportunities: Enabling a better quality of life for all Namibians

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB) exists to unlock opportunities that enable a better quality of life for all Namibians. We do this by facilitating trust relationships to attract and retain sustainable investment for private sector-led and inclusive economic growth. As part of our statutory mandate, the Board also aims to improve Namibia’s competitiveness score, develop the required skills for sustainable investments that lead to job creation, and create an enabling ecosystem for MSME’s to thrive and scale.

Who we are:

The Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (“NIPDB”), is a Non-profit association incorporated under section 21 of the Companies Act, Act No. 28 of 2004 (“the Companies Act”). The Board was established as an autonomous entity in the Office of the President and is declared a Public Enterprise in accordance with section 2 of the Public Enterprise Governance Act, Act No 1 of 2019.

The Board commenced operations in January 2021, taking over the functions of its predecessor, the Namibia Investment Centre (under the Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade) to become the lead investment promotion agency for Namibia.

What we do:

The NIPDB is mandated to promote and facilitate investment by foreign and Namibian investors, and coordinate MSME activities across all levers of the economy, with the aim of contributing to economic development and job creation. In terms of investment promotion, the Board serves as the first point of call for potential investors wanting to do business in Namibia. Our aim is to make Namibia the investment destination of choice by improving the ease of doing business here and improving the country’s competitiveness. In the MSME space, the Board coordinates and implements programs and policies that will create an enabling ecosystem for MSMEs & Startups.

The NIPDB is mandated with the following functions, amongst other things:

  • Promote and facilitate investment by foreign and Namibian investors and New Ventures that contributes to economic development and job creation;
    Implement Namibia Investment Policy and attendant Strategy;
  • Review and propose policy reforms and measures to support trade and investment promotion, conducive labour market policies, improve the country’s Competitiveness and the Ease of Doing Business;
  • Develop and implement branding interventions that promote Namibia as an attractive investment destination;
  • Develop institutional mechanism and assume lead coordinating role across all levers for SME Development nationally;
  • Implement the National MSME Policy of 2016;
  • Promote regional Special Economic Zones that leverage the geographic comparative advantages of each region; and
  • In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, facilitate collaborative roles between the Government and private sector to stimulate the growth, expansion and development of the Namibian economy.

Executive management team:

Advisory Board:

Ms Nangula Uaandja, Chairperson
Ms. Edwina Jacobs
Company Secretary
Ms. Dagmar Honsbein
Advisory Board Member
Ms. Elizabeth V. Hilger
Advisory Board Member
Mr. Hans B. Gerdes
Advisory Board Member
Mr. James Y. Mnyupe
Advisory Board Member
Ms. Kaunapaua Ndilula
Advisory Board Member
Mr. Martin K. Shipanga
Advisory Board Member
Mr. Stefan Hugo
Advisory Board Member
Mr. Vetumbuavi J. Mungunda
Advisory Board Member

If you would like to find out more the role of the NIPDB in developing the country’s economy, please get in touch with us.

BRB Building, Cnr Garten street and Dr. A. B. May Street Tel:+264(0)83 333 8600

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