Ohorongo Cement has entered into an agreement for the supply of locally produced 50kg paper packaging bags with a Namibia owned manufacturing Kaptau Packaging today (10 July 2018). The supply of the cement paper bags is a first for Namibia, as Ohorongo has been sourcing these bags from outside the country since production started in 2011. This agreement completes the full value addition for the cement manufacturing process in the country, whilst increasing the benefits from Namibia’s resource.

Ohorongo’s Managing Director Hans-Wilhelm Schütte and KAPTAU Packaging’s Executive Chairman David Namalenga signed the Memorandum of Understanding, setting the foundation for increased manufacturing in Namibia.

“Ohorongo is proud to grow the local economy, by developing the Namibian manufacturing sector as well as strengthening the economy through the creation of new industries, technological intervention, skills transfer, capacity development and employment creation,” said Schütte.

Schütte is of the opinion that the agreement by the two organisations will go far in contributing to Namibia’s national goals of becoming a prosperous nation through securing livelihoods, creating jobs, and reduce poverty.

“That is why, from day one, we went into the mode of empowering and supporting Kaptau Packaging throughout this whole process. We are doing this because it is for our country and for generations to come,” Schütte said.

Located in Oshakati, Kaptau Packaging will manufacture and supply the 50kg paper packaging bags, according to the needs and desires of Ohorongo.

The first talks around the potential supply of paper bags started already in 2013. After intensive test runs. During the 2017 production year, a large quantity of bags was put out in the market for testing and has yielded positive results.

This led to the signing of the MoU, to reconfirm the strategic partnership with the of aim at growing KAPTAU Packaging vision further, not only in terms of bag supply to Ohorongo but also beyond that for other applications.

“We at Kaptau Packaging are proud to creating value-added jobs in Namibia by replacing imports of packaging materials. The production of these paper packaging bags, also has a huge benefit for our environment, as it will replace harmful packaging products with sustainable and environmentally ones,” said David Namalenga the Managing Director of Kaptau Packaging.

The supply of the paper packaging bags has already commenced with over 1.2 Million bags already delivered to Ohorongo. The parties identified a mutually beneficial business opportunity to collaborate with one another for the economic growth and industrialization of Namibia.

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