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Project Description



The Benchmark Retirement Fund (BRF) was established by Retirement Fund Solutions in 2000 at the request of financial professionals who wanted a dedicated vehicle for their retirement investments with a choice of investments in leading Namibian funds.

The Fund has evolved to become a leading Namibian umbrella fund for private and public sector entities and SMEs who require a retirement fund but that wish to avoid the complexity and costs of a private fund.


BRF is respected for its operational, product and cost-efficiency.

The Fund draws on the capacity and expertise of Retirement Fund Solutions (RFS) to provide a world-class umbrella fund service. Unified fund rules and rapid, responsive adaptation to the shifting legislative environment provide participating employers and individual investors with robust governance.

By taking an end-to-end approach to retirement investment, with a range of products, BRF caters to the needs of all members and individuals. The annuities offered ensure a managed environment for members after retirement and for their beneficiaries.

By spreading the cost of administration across participating funds and individual members, BRF attains exceptional cost-efficiency in a high service operation.


The Fund provides a range of investment portfolios that provides for a range of risk appetites ranging from low risk to moderate risk. The range of products is regularly assessed by the Fund’s investment consultant to ensure delivery according to set objectives, and their recommendations are deliberated on by the Board of Trustees.

The Fund holds itself accountable and is transparent in providing assessments of its activities to the participating employers and its individual members. Member communication includes regular annual reporting to members, quarterly reviews and reporting to members by external auditors, actuaries and fund managers.

On the basis of the trust that it has earned, the Fund has grown to over 12,000 members and administers assets over N$3 billion.


The Fund is Namibian and does not respond to the bottom-line requirements of foreign interests. It adheres to local regulatory requirements and is governed in the interests of Namibian members.

The Board of Trustees consists of independent Namibian trustees and experts appointed by RFS.


Paul-Gordon /Guidao-‡Oab

Principal Officer

Tel:  +264 61 44 6000



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