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Project Description


Bidvest Namibia is a diversified group of companies listed on the These companies are: Namibian Stock Exchange. Bidvest Namibia hosts five divisions, namely Bidvest Namibia Automotive, Bidvest Namibia Bidvest Namibia Steiner provides a Commercial and Industrial Services and Products, Bidvest comprehensive range of hygiene services and products, pest control services and consumables for the Namibian Namibia Fishing Industries, Bidvest Namibia Food and market. Distribution and Bidvest Namibia Freight & Logistics.

Corporate Services is an umbrella under which Bidvest Namibia leading specialist in outsourced solutions in Management Services, Bidvest Namibia Information Technology and Namibia. With professionally trained staff, Bidvest Bidvest Namibia Properties are held. Bidvest Namibia holds a minority Prestige Cleaning delivers tailor- made cleaning services. interest in Namibia Bureau de Change.

Bidvest Namibia Management Services provides corporate services Cecil Nurse Namibia has been in through which it assists operational subsidiaries by providing strategic business for 70 years and helps create direction, compliance, risk, sustainability reporting, investor relations intelligent, energising work spaces where people can assimilate, support, corporate communications, Bidvest Namibia brand support, innovate and communicate. Their products include office chairs, tables, group-wide finance and executive training and oversight.


Tel: +264 61 417 450