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The dB Audio Namibia Team

dB AUDIO Namibia provides technical event support – sound, lighting, staging and audiovisual services – to the corporate and entertainment events industries. The company is based in Windhoek, Republic of Namibia.

The Close Corporation was founded in 2004 by David Benade and Manuel Jacobs, with Ernst Steynberg joining as partner the following year.

With our combined skills set, covering television, radio, theatre and advertising, dB AUDIO Namibia was born.

We rapidly established ourselves as a one-stop shop for the technical management of live event productions. With our approach of using technology to help clients communicate, dB AUDIO Namibia has become a sought-after communications partner for some of the country’s biggest corporate and public institutions as well as entertainment organisers. From large stadium concerts to intimate boardroom meetings, dB AUDIO Namibia’s client centred approach extends beyond borders with several South African and European clients regularly making use of our services when working in Namibia.

To date we employ 43 full-time staff and frequently contracts a number of freelancers when required. From the onset, we realised that one of our biggest challenges was finding qualified and experienced technicians/engineers/designers for our field. There are no training institutions in Namibia for such practitioners, so dB AUDIO Namibia had no choice but to provide on-the-job training and promote peer education. Hence, capacity building is at the forefront of our operations. We believe that shows are made by people – not only equipment – and therefore we aggressively seek out young Namibians to train and incorporate into our operations. We provide internships for talented individuals and regularly present formal training courses, at times facilitated by International industry professionals. We often send staff on training courses to South Africa. Not only is the actual training invaluable, but the delegates benefit tremendously from the opportunity to travel as it is the first time for many to cross Namibia’s border.

dB AUDIO Namibia believes that our company can only be as strong as the industry in which we operate. We actively engage all stakeholders in the live events industry in our regular training and information sessions. When we first started in 2004, there was only one other service provider in the field of live technical event production. Today, 14 years later, there are at least 15 other rental companies in Namibia and a number of freelance technicians and engineers. dB AUDIO Namibia prides ourselves on having been instrumental in stimulating the industry – many of the personnel in the industry today have either worked at dB Audio Namibia, attended training provided by dB Audio Namibia or spent time in our organization as interns. Our hard- and soft support to these industry role players has resulted in a healthy, competitive relationship which is beneficial to the progress of the overall industry in Namibia.

At dB AUDIO Namibia, we believe we’ve been blessed and therefore we gladly bless in return. We have very active Corporate Social Investment programmes in place, most of which are driven by the Team Members themselves who identify causes in their communities to address and support.

The effort and expense put into our personnel is only matched by our efforts since day one to be very strategic with our equipment acquisitions. Being geographically isolated from rental suppliers in South Africa, meant huge transport costs and cumbersome temporary cross-border import logistics. We simply had to own our own key gear in order to operate efficiently. It was strategically imperative to have as much of the right equipment in the country as possible.

For the past fourteen years of dB AUDIO Namibia’s existence we have reinvested every cent back into our people and equipment. We forged strategic relationships with suppliers in South Africa to provide the best possible prices and after sales support. Fourteen years down the line we have some of the best equipment from reputable manufacturers that are accepted by international clients.

We are extremely proud of our development over the past decade. dB AUDIO Namibia’s first productions were operated by David and Manu with a basic PA system on loan and with no lighting or visuals. Compare this to the 2017 Hallelujah Namibia show on 4 November 2017, arguably one of the largest outdoor events ever staged in Namibia – on top of several other productions running the same week in the middle of our peak season.

We have made our mark on the Namibian landscape and we excitedly look forward to continuing this legacy.


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