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Project Description



Being 100% Namibian owned, Eos Capital is a private equity fund manager that is managing the N$460 million Allegrow Fund. “Eos” comes from Greek mythology, meaning “new dawn”. The company aims to bring new life to portfolio investments through capital and management support which allows them to grow to their full potential.

ALLEGROW FUND is a SME and mid-market growth and operational development private equity fund focused solely on Namibia. Investments will be made in Namibian companies that show the potential for rapid growth, and where Eos can provide them with capital as well as the management support needed to unlock their full potential. “Allegrow” is derived from the word “Allegro” which is a musical term that means “a brisk or rapid tempo”, and conveys the purpose of the fund to rapidly grow businesses by growing and expanding operations, entering new markets or financing a significant acquisition. The Fund raised N$460 million from 19 local investors and had its first close on 30 September 2016.


We grow companies to their full potential.

With a highly skilled team and years of experience behind us, we find those rare gems that we believe have attractive prospects. This doesn’t mean we take chances. We apply stringent screening criteria to the companies we invest in, and only a selected few are analysed further. We do a lot of financial modelling, which basically means that we create a simplified mathematical model designed to represent the financial performance of a company. After we have examined every detail we present our findings to the Investment Committee, an independent panel of experts, who give the final go-ahead on a deal.

We put a lot of focus on people, as they play an integral part in the success of any task. At Eos we have a saying that “50% of any deal is about people”, and this includes assessing whether we can see ourselves building a relationship with our partner companies, who we will be dealing with extensively over the next five years.

We add value to our partner companies through assisting with developing strategies right through to implementing governance structures and optimising production processes.


  • Consumer
  • Services (financial and education)
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • General Industries
  • Infrastructure

Elso is a well-established business in the Namibian market since 1956, it exists to ‘improve the quality of living’ by providing effective and affordable cleaning products that create a better life for all. The company is one of the oldest, environmentally conscious cleaning companies and commands a leading market share in Namibia today. READ MORE

Fabupharm was established in 1989, which coincided with Namibia’s Independence shortly after that in 1990. Frans Hendrik (Fanie) Badenhorst is the founder of the business. Almost 30 years ago he identified a need for local high quality and affordable medicine and toiletry products. The company started small by packaging and distributing petroleum jelly and producing aqueous cream, which there was a shortage of at the time. The first registered medicinal products included Fabu-Paracetamol Syrup and Fabu-Cotrimoxazole. Today, Fabupharm is a 100% Namibian-owned producer and the only fully-fledged pharmaceutical manufacturing entity in Namibia. READ MORE


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