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Project Description



A private equity fund manager led by experienced professionals with a solid track record.

Eos Capital is a Namibian private equity fund manager that is managing the Allegrow Fund. “Eos” means a new dawn in Greek mythology and the company aims to bring new life to portfolio investments through capital and management support which allows them to grow to their full potential.

Eos Capital’s objective is to contribute to the growth of the Namibian economy as a leading Private Equity player that is the first choice for investors to manage private equity funds, as well as the preferred partner for companies looking for financing in Namibia, building on its strong local network and ability to add value to portfolio companies.

MISSION:  To contribute to the growth of the Namibian and regional economy.

VISION:  The leading Namibian private equity player that manages funds across the region and is first choice for investors, preferred financier and a magnet for exceptional people.

Eos is registered with Namfisa as an Unlisted Investment Manager under Pension Fund Regulation 29.


No 8, Rieks Van Der Walt Street, Windhoek

Tel: +264 61 304 400

P.O. Box 11526, Klein Windhoek


Strategy: Investing in companies with strong growth potential

Fund size: N$461m

Value creation: Growth and operational development

Sectors: Focus on Consumer, Services, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), General Industrials

Geography: Namibia

Deal size: Minimum of N$10m, maximum of N$90m Number of investors: 19

Business owners and entrepreneurs looking for equity or mezzanine funding are invited to contact Eos Capital to find out how to receive funding.


Investee Pension Fund participants have indirectly invested in 7 companies through their Pension Funds.


Sector: Utilities

Website: www.hepwater.com

Heat Exchange Products is the one of the leading water treatment companies within Namibia and is committed to providing effective water treatment solutions to its clients through specialised non-commoditized chemicals and services across all sectors. Its subsidiary, Namibia Aqua Mechanica, is a reseller of water-related products, such as valves, mainly to Namibia’s important markets of agricultural and mining.


Valco Pipes supplies water pipes and allied products that are used to transfer potable and non-potable water and was acquired by Heat Exchange Products in 2019 to widen its water sector offering.


Be cleaner, buy greener, buy Namibian Sector: General Industrials, Consumer Goods

Website: www.elsoholdings.com

Elso is a Namibian manufacturer of bio-degradable soaps, sanitary paper and cleaning equipment and was founded in 1956. It is focused on the Retail and Hospitality segments of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and cleaning equipment markets.


Sector: Education
Website: www.rosewood.edu.na

Rosewood Academy offers a unique learning experience, with special focus on the individual, combining traditional and creative teaching methods including vocational subjects not available in mainstream schools. They strive to unlock each child’s potential to become a self-sustainable individual, prepared and guided for a successful professional future.

Eos has partnered with the school, which is located at 1 Parsival Street, Windhoek, to enhance its offering and facilities as well as grow the number of learners.


Sector: General Industrials, Consumer Goods|
Website: www.fabupharmnamibia.com

Fabupharm is a Namibian manufacturer of pharmaceutical and personal care products and owns the only fully-fledged pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the country, located in Otjiwarongo. Fabupharm produces a variety of products such as analgesics, antibiotics, supplements, creams, ointments and sunscreens which are stocked by local and international pharmacies and retailers and are available to public healthcare patients in government hospitals and clinics.


Sector: General Industrials
Website: www.panel2panel-na.com

Panel to Panel, with its headquarters in Walvis Bay, supplies contractors and end customers across the country with insulated panels in their various applications, such as cooling rooms, sterile environments and prefabricated houses. Panel to Panel serves a diverse range of sectors including the fishing industry, abattoirs, lodges, pharmaceutical plants and the public sector.


Sector: Services
Website: www.nambob.com.na

Established in 1962 in Namibia as Avbob Namibia and relaunched to Nambob in September 2019. The company is leading funeral service and insurance provider, with a well-established network of 25 branches across Namibia. Nambob’s comprehensive service offerings include the provision of funeral services, coffins, wreaths and funeral-ware. Most branches boast fully fledged parlours and their own mortuaries. Through its network, Nambob also distributes third party funeral policies. It is Nambob’s vision to serve customers and communities by providing a one-stop solution for funeral insurance, services and products.


Sector: Services
Website: www.ecogroupnam.com

EcoTech provides process instrumentation solutions including flow meters, temperature gauges, level meters and houses a strong admin function that can
be scaled across the group. EcoValves provides an attractive range of valves and actuators to mining, industrial clients with strong growth aspirations. Both businesses have made key alliances with top international technology providers such as Endress + Hauser, Samson, TTV to name a few.

Together with Heat Exchange Products and Namibia Aqua Mechanica, EcoTech and EcoValves are another building block in consolidating quality Namibian water services businesses to create a local powerhouse that can compete on an international scale.


Launched in October 2019, NIDIF will make investments into infrastructure projects in Namibia through a mix of equity and mezzanine funding. The Fund will generate long-term stable and robust income yield, as well as capital growth, to its investors. The Fund had its first closed on 01 April 2020 with $550m and is targeting to raise N$1-1.5 billion by April 2021. Target sectors include Energy, Water, ICT, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Education. Please reach out with any infrastructure funding needs in the abovementioned sectors!


Sector: Agricultural Development & Investments

Eos Capital is fundraising for its new agriculture fund that will build a diversified portfolio of Namibian agriculture assets which are stable and high quality to provide income to investors over the long term through equity and investments with through blended financing investments. These investments will contribute to the economic development of the country and provide attractive returns to investors.

Contact Eos Capital to learn more about investing or receiving funding for agriculture investments or projects.