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Etosha Fishing Corporation, first known as the Walvis Bay Canning Company, pioneered Namibia’s fishing industry in the 1940s with the country’s first fishmeal and canning plant. Today the company is a leading player in the Namibian fishing industry and considered to be one of the foremost round-can production facilities in the world. It is based in Namibia’s main port city of Walvis Bay and is the country’s oldest operational cannery.

The company operates in a business environment where its largest customer is the market leader for canned fish in Southern Africa. It has been canning Lucky Star pilchards since 1999 and recently also started canning pilchards for Glenryck SA.

These superior canned pilchard brands sell at a premium price in the market due its image of quality. Going beyond regulatory requirements, Etosha Fishing delivers a product of exceptional quality to both brands.

According to Quality Assurance Manager Linekela Kapundja, Etosha Fishing’s cannery is a world leader in processing and automation. The company has established a quality management system based on the principle of ISO9001, a standard which organisations in the world over use to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. The company also uses HACCP as a measure to control food safety risks, which is certified by the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) through an inspection and audit program. All products are also inspected by the NSI and the South African National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) for compliance with canned food manufacturing regulations.

Canned fish is a key source of protein on the subcontinent. Canned pilchards form the single largest component of this market. Etosha Fishing’s products contains no preservatives, is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, protein and selenium.

“All these efforts has placed Etosha Fishing products among the best quality canned products, not just in Namibia, but in Africa and worldwide. Our products can be consumed by all people of any culture or religion and through these certifications our products act as ambassadors to the Namibian Manufacturing and Food Industry outside of Namibia,” says Kapundja. She adds that the company’s internal quality management systems provide assurance that the customer can consistently expect a product of high quality.

In 2013 Etosha Fishing pioneered local value addition of horse mackerel, becoming the first company to successfully can Namibia’s national fish under its own EFUTA Maasbanker brand. It was the first Namibian canned product to receive the NSI’s Standard Mark of Conformity product endorsement. The EFUTA products are also Halaal certified and carry the Team Namibia product mark. Initially launched in three flavours, namely tomato sauce, chilli and salt water, the company in 2018 added a curry flavour and a minced horse mackerel canned product. It also introduced its own canned EFUTA Pilchard product retail market in 2014 sales have increased five-fold with a total of nearly 5 million cans sold annually.

Exceptionally low in cost, high in protein and especially rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, EFUTA Maasbanker is the most affordable, nutritious and best quality meal money can buy.

The new value addition venture was in direct response to an on-going appeal by the Namibian Fisheries Ministry for employment creation and value addition in the horse mackerel sector, which is in line with the Government’s NDP5 and Vision 2030 policy framework. The venture also allowed for a more sustainable fisheries operation with secure, long term employment for more Namibians.

The word “EFUTA” originates from the indigenous Oshiwambo language meaning “from the sea”, while the prominent bright pink label design is derived from the traditional Ondelela colours.


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