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Project Description

99 FM


Who do you think you’re selling to, sir?
Who do you believe you should be speaking to, madam?

There is a difference between creativity and innovation. Creativity can exist separately from innovation. But innovation is not possible without creativity.

The very notion of innovation implies venturing out of the box – in the case of 99FM, out of the radio box and into the virtual playing field of the internet.

The 30-second ad is very quickly giving way to content and experiential marketing, as consumers become curators of the information that they value and want.

The advertiser can no longer speak at audiences. Unless they engage with consumers, unless they generate brand loyalty and top of mind awareness in a way that consumers choose to receive it, they will simply be muted, fast-forwarded, skipped and ignored.

From ambitious students to established executives, there is a booming market of Namibians with affluent lifestyles pumping money into the economy.

We know them. They’re our tribe.

We know what they think, what they like, what they don’t tolerate. We make it our mission to understand the modus operandi of the audience that every business most definitely should be talking to.

There is no one size fits all solution – every brand and business must meet their consumer where he or she is and strike up a conversation in a language that they understand.

99FM speaks Afropolitan Namibian.
99FM speaks relevant and dynamic.
We speak progressive and ambitious.
We speak Namibia to Africa to the world.
99FM speaks inspiration and empowerment.

99FM speaks to the people who are the Masters of their own Destiny.
We speak Future. Growth. Aspiration and Innovation.
We do so through 360-degree, custom designed engagement solutions that include:


  • On air: talk shows, music, lifestyle features, advertisements, endorsements, infomercials.
  • Online: Website, digitorials, streaming, podcast feeds to Tunein, Itunes, Stitcher
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin,
  • Print: 99FM Master Your Destiny Journal
  • Brand consulting
  • Internal Team Inspiration Facilitation
  • Events & Experiences: 99FM Conversation Cafés with Standard Bank Namibia, Pasta Monologues with Namib Mills, 99FM WHAT-MADE-ME wall experience, 99FM Tools for Life collection, Art in the Act exhibition with Absolut Vodka, Outdoor Cinema with Jameson Select, Wildlife Film premiers with B2Gold, Wilderness Safaris and Amarula, 99FM “The Struggle is Real – Opportunities for Business in Hard Times?” panel discussion, Lira Masterclass local artist workshop and motivational event with My Republik, Multichoice Namibia and Flying Fish, Trend Forecasting Presentation by Dion Chang of Fluxtrends with Old Mutual, Local Designers Fashion show Absolut Vodka.

The 99FM MYD Show was nominated as a finalist in the New York Radio Festivals Awards 2017.

99 FM

Fortune Kangueehi
Managing Partner
Tel: +264 81 141 5390