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Project Description



Banco BIC began its activity in Angola in May 2005 with a strategy based on retail banking, corporate banking and private banking.

In 2017 we celebrated our twelfth anniversary. These first twelve years represent years of growth and extraordinary results which have allowed us to secure a top position in the banking sector, not only in Africa but also in other continents. Our Bank has 220 branches across Angola, 2100 staff members and over one million customers.

Throughout our history, internationalisation has constituted an important feature of our growth over these last twelve years. Expansion began in 2008, with the opening of Banco BIC Portugal, for which our main goal was to foster economic relations between Angola and Portugal, with a commitment to supporting Small and Medium Companies. Additionally, within the scope of its export activity, EuroBIC Portugal (former Banco BIC Portugal) has already established itself as a key correspondent Bank of other Angolan banks.

Our priority has been to cement relationships with communities through the creation of a favourable environment for investment and growth. We are committed to actively providing quality support not only to small and medium companies, but also to large corporate groups. To this end, we rely on a specialized team of professionals who are driven to employing their dedication and knowledge in both the domestic and international markets.

Today, we are already established in five countries, namely Angola, Portugal, Cape Verde (IFI), South Africa (Rep. Office) and the Republic of Namibia.

The strategic action and business plan of Bank BIC Namibia is geared towards generating value and providing a quality to BIC clients, in close connection with the other banks belonging to the “BIC Universe”.

Our common goal is to offer a constant daily service of excellence to our clients, in all areas of the Bank, and to make them our esteemed partners with whom we can share our success.

Bank BIC Namibia has representation in Windhoek and recently also in Walvis Bay. 18 new branches will be established countrywide in the next four years.

Growing Together is our motto!

We wish to grow in a sustainable and innovative manner, offering the best solutions to our clients.

Indeed, these are the founding principles of BIC’s history of success in addition to the unequivocal dedication and support of our staff and clients, and the trust of our shareholders and other partners.

This is what has boosted the growth of our Baobab root, our symbol and inspiration, making it stronger with the passing of each day.


Being the best and largest private bank operating in Namibia, growing in a sustainable way, innovative and offering the best solutions to its customers, with a permanent capacity of renewal, actively contributing to the development and growth of Namibia.


Our vision extols the dedication of all in our mission, through the work carried out based on our corporate values which are embodied in our slogan: Growing Together.


Being a solid, profitable, socially responsible, efficient, flexible bank, with national and international presence, driven by creation of value, a partner of companies and families, which is distinguished by the appreciation of its assets, by the satisfaction of its customers and by the accomplishment of its employees, always guided by behaviour of high ethical and social responsibility.

Our sincere gratitude to all those who have chosen to join us. We will grow together!

BANK BIC Namibia

Tel: +264 83 33 09 000