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Project Description



First National Bank Namibia Holdings officially launched Ashburton Investments Namibia in July this year (2017) under the leadership of CEO, Josephat Mwatotele, who stated: “The introduction of Ashburton Investments in the Namibian market allows us to offer Namibian investors access to broader investment options, with nationwide distribution through FNB and existing Pointbreak channels. Ashburton Investments is a new generation investment manager.”

Through the acquisition of Pointbreak, FNB Holdings has added new asset management capabilities to the group with an experienced Namibian team possessing specialist technical skills in the investment management business. The FNB Holdings group complements the new acquisition with a strong resource base on which Ashburton Investments in Namibia can draw on in terms of additional expertise, global research, product development, technology and capital to drive new product innovation, through the well-established Ashburton Global brand.

At Ashburton Investments, our approach is to understand our clients’ individual needs and to gain insight into the strategic investment challenges they face, in order to provide appropriate solutions to their investment challenges. We harness more sources of return to create appropriate solutions for our clients. Our holistic investment approach spans traditional and non-traditional asset classes as well as conventional and unconstrained investment styles to provide our clients with sustainable returns.

Our unique ability to source investment opportunities from within the wider group is offered to clients, either through an appropriate investment vehicle or as a co-investment opportunity. We have a risk-management mindset and an unwavering determination to do the right thing for investors. In our role as investment manager and originator of investment opportunities, we construct solutions within a strategic risk framework to better meet the needs of our clients.

We believe in the importance of deeper investment insights. We focus on our clients’ needs to understand the broader context of their requirements and draw on our breadth of capabilities and depth of knowledge of our teams to offer more access to investment propositions.

Our combined assets under management and third-party assets under advice from Pointreak Wealth Management Services exceeded N$12.6 billion at end of October 2017. Key to our success in the Namibian market is our client-focused approach, product innovation, highly skilled technical teams, and our thorough understanding and deep insights of the local environment in which we operate to cater to our clients’ unique requirements. Ashburton thus remains locally relevant with an international outlook to offer only the best products, services, and solutions to our clients.


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