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Project Description



Cirrus Capital is a Namibian owned and run financial services company that focuses on corporate finance, economic research, financial sector deepening and real sector development. The company is driven by a group of young Namibians who are dedicated to the pragmatic development of the country. With a combined 15 years of experience in the financial sector, the team is a regular feature in the media and in boardrooms across the country, from corporates to parastatals to regulators to government offices. The team is regularly called upon to provide insight and advice as to current and expected developments in the economy, and strategic input as to how to position for best outcomes.

The team has a modern, innovative approach to work, with a strong focus on work-life balance, driven by an output-orientated focus that allows for flexibility in time to optimize for efficiency. Commencing operations in February 2017, Cirrus has provided regular presentations and observations on the current state and outlook of the Namibian economy, completed in-depth research in a variety of fields, as well as completed successful capital raisings and listings on the local stock exchange.

Cirrus offers customized financial and economic products with focuses on macroeconomic research and presentations, business climate research, sector-specific research, modelling, forecasting and stress testing, as well as company valuations, capital raising, business plan development, and corporate structuring and advisory. The team has extensive experience across a range of sectors, including public policy review and analysis, bank analysis, stress testing and financial stability, real sector reporting, data analysis, model building and capital raising.


Rowland Brown
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