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“The Forest Man of India” is the remarkable and inspirational true story of what one man can do by harnessing the power of consistency – a story that Prudential wanted to share with Namibians in our latest TV advertising campaign. Working alone, with very few resources and in difficult conditions, Jadav Payeng has planted trees every single day since 1979 in an effort to save his island home in northern India from being washed away by monsoon flooding. Amazingly, over 38 years of consistent work and dedication, he has created a thriving forest that covers some 1,400 acres. And he continues to plant every day.

We chose to feature Jadav’s story because a long-term, consistent commitment like his also lies behind Prudential’s success in building wealth for our clients. We believe that by consistently applying the same tried-and-tested investment approach, no matter what the market conditions, day after day, month in and month out, we will be able to protect and grow our clients’ wealth sustainably over the long term. It’s about the small daily gains, built up over time – not spectacular short-term returns. To read more about Jadav and his extraordinary achievement, visit:


Prudential was the very first international asset management company to establish an office in Windhoek, back in 1996. The company has close local ties: it is 15% owned by Horizon Investment, an indigenous Namibian empowerment company, 10% by the Prudential Portfolio Managers Staff Trust and 75% by Prudential Portfolio Managers South Africa (Pty) Limited.

In Namibia and South Africa, we’re immensely proud that our clients have entrusted us to manage over R236 billion of their assets, making us one of South Africa’s 10 largest investment managers. Our investment team has built up an enviable track record for consistently strong investment performance: in both 2016 and 2017, we won the Morningstar Award for South Africa’s Best Fund House: Larger Fund Range in recognition of top performance across our range of unit trusts.

We offer four Namibian unit trust funds with a variety of risk profiles: the Prudential Namibian Balanced Fund, the Prudential Namibian Inflation Plus Fund, the Prudential Namibian Enhanced Income Fund and the Prudential Namibian Money Market Fund.


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