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Project Description




Allan Gray Namibia is part of the broader Allan Gray Group. Established in South Africa and investing on behalf of clients since 1974, the Allan Gray Group has grown to become Africa’s largest privately owned investment management company. While its headquarters are in Cape Town, it has a presence in several African countries, including an office in Windhoek. Allan Gray caters for individuals and institutions, retirement funds, insurers, trusts, companies and foundations.

Allan Gray has been managing assets for Namibian clients since it won its first client mandate in 1984, a client who is still with the Group. Allan Gray Namibia was founded in 1996 as an independent investment management company to service Namibian clients and to harness domestic investment opportunities.

In addition to sharing the broader Group’s purpose of helping its clients build wealth over the long term, Allan Gray Namibia also aims to:

  • Encourage the development of investment management skills

within Namibia

  • Play a role in the development of the Namibian investment

management industry


Allan Gray Namibia shares the investment philosophy of the Group. We take a long-term view to managing investments and have consistently applied the same tried and tested investment philosophy, guiding principles and values since 1974.

We pride ourselves on having achieved superior investment performance for our clients over the long term at lower-than-average risk of loss. Our future success depends on our continuing ability to help clients to achieve their investment objectives.

While we are not licenced to provide financial advice, we believe in the merits of good, independent investment advice for those who lack the knowledge and skill to make investment decisions unaided.


Dr Allan WB Gray founded both Allan Gray and Orbis, a global asset manager based in Bermuda. The relationship we have with Orbis extends to a sharing of global investment ideas and the management of certain portfolios. Together with Orbis, we offer African investors a coherent global investment product range.


The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation was founded in 2005 by Dr Gray and Allan Gray Proprietary Limited to make a sustainable long-term contribution to nation-building and economic transformation in Africa. The Foundation in Namibia is funded by a 15% equity interest in Allan Gray Namibia. It also receives 5% of Allan Gray Namibia’s pre-tax profits in perpetuity.

Through its Fellowship opportunity, the Foundation identifies, selects and invests in Namibian individuals who it believes have the potential for greatness over the long term. The Foundation offers Allan Gray Fellowships to promising students who are about to attend university (known as Allan Gray Candidate Fellows).

Students are given access to comprehensive financial support alongside exposure to thought leaders, mentorship and entrepreneurial mind-set development. There is further access to postgraduate funding, available to those who have excelled in the Fellowship. Additionally, the Foundation provides funding to start a business to any Namibian Allan Gray Fellow who presents an attractive, high-impact proposition.


We have a team of professionals performing investment management and research, trading, compliance, portfolio accounting, client service and investor administration within the same group. We take great pride in providing an efficient, personalised service, which we continually strive to improve. We have a team of people on the ground in Namibia, available to service local clients.

James Mnyupe, our Managing Director, joined the firm in March 2010, having previously worked for PwC Windhoek since 2007. He is a graduate of Rhodes University, a qualified chartered accountant and a CFA charter holder. James is responsible for running the business and servicing institutional clients, local brokers and financial advisers.


James Mnyupe
Managing Director
Tel: +264 61 22 1103