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What started out in 1968 as a small Northern Cape family business, FP du Toit Transport Group has grown into one of Southern Africa’s major transport and freight companies.  Almost 50 years later, family is still a central characteristic at the FP du Toit Transport Group.

FP du Toit Transport Group’s extended family now comprises more than 1000 members, working out of 13 locations across Namibia, South Africa and 7 additional SADC countries. A fleet of 560 power units forms the operational backbone of the transport services offered. The FP du Toit Transport Group is made up of a number of business units with their own focus markets and transport service offerings. These include FP du Toit Transport, Wesbank Transport, Pro Parcel Distribution and JET.X Couriers.

In an increasingly globalized world, time is of the essence and being ‘out of stock’ is unacceptable. FP du Toit Transport Group continuously invests in modern technologies and management tools to handle stock safely and rapidly. From barcoding, to tracking and satellite monitoring – your products and packages are handled with the necessary care.

One of the unique features that the company offers clients, is in-house customs clearing. In order to expedite import/export activities and to eliminate wasteful delays, in-house customs clearing services work closely with the permanent Namibian customs officials on site at our Prosperita Depot in Windhoek. FP du Toit Transport Group is constantly re-assessing its methods and researching ways to become more efficient. An example would be: Import documents are flown from South Africa to Windhoek in order to arrive prior to the transporting vehicle, to expedite the framing on the Namibian Customs software, Asycuda.

FP du Toit acquired Wesbank Transport in 2015 – two local companies with strong family values and a shared commitment to Namibia. Wesbank Transport worked closely with the mining industry, and FP du Toit Transport happily maintained and further forged these relationships.

Apart from cross-border freight handling, Wesbank Transport is a haulage partner for general goods and abnormal loads and also offers forklift operations and crane services. The company has specialized vehicles such as Side loaders, which deliver a supreme service to the Erongo region and cross-country. Reach Stackers are used in Walvis Bay to handle large and small amounts of containers to ensure efficient and timeous services to customers.

Abnormal loads are a Wesbank Transport specialty. It is a complicated business and a unique operation each and every time. Safety and precision are key to ensure no damage is done to the cargo at hand, roads and personnel. Abnormal loads are loads exceeding a loaded height of 4.3 meters and width of 2.6 meters. Further, there are strict time restrictions on when these loads can use the roads.  For example, they are not allowed on the roads during weekends or when school terms open or close, or during the whole month of December as well on public holidays! Wesbank Transport is proud of the fact that it is both efficient and compliant, arranging all necessary requirements with regards to any abnormal load up to 100 tons.

Apart from the specialist services and equipment, Wesbank Transport is also able to transport hazardous products.  The division is certified by the International Cyanide Management Institute and licensed for the transport of Radioactive Material.

Staff training and safety is vital to the success of such a diverse operation.  Through many years of experience and on the job training, FP du Toit Transport Group developed training material and courses that can be offered to other businesses as well.  The Group also established a training academy, to formalize internal training programs.  It is the company’s belief that: “The people are what make us” and it’s low staff turnover reflects this. The drivers are experienced and the staff receive comprehensive training in all aspects of the business. Its fleet and specialized equipment are world-class and get regularly replaced. FP du Toit Transport Group prides itself in only using state-of-the-art engineering to ensure reliability and excellent service. Policies and procedures are monitored constantly and nothing is done in a rushed and rash manner. The company’s safety record is impeccable.

Quality, reliability, service and relationships, are the passions behind the huge success and exceptional track record of this home-grown logistics giant.

The Team at FP du Toit Transport Group is always Driven to Deliver!

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