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Project Description


HangalaPrescient is a joint venture company between Hangala Capital, the financial services arm of Hangala Group, and Prescient Holdings, a global investment management company based in Cape Town, established to drive investment management activities in asset management and private equity businesses, respectively.

HangalaPrescient Asset Management offering includes:

  • Money Market Fund
  • Income Provider Fund
  • Absolute Balanced Fund
  • Corporate Fund

The minimum investment for a fund is a N$10,000 lump-sum or a N$1000 monthly contribution. These funds are available to individuals and institutions

As a local Namibian investment manager, we understand the local macro environment and we seek under our investment philosophy to:

  • Develop infrastructure assets in Namibia aligned with Government national policy
  • Facilitate a provision of for long term debt on project finance terms to finance development of infrastructure assets
  • Provide funding and expertise needed to develop early stage and late stage projects into viable investment opportunities
  • Develop infrastructure assets with measurable and quantifiable social impact.

In private equity, HangalaPrescient Infrastructure Manager (Pty) Ltd has successfully raised N$500 million for infrastructure financing from key investor GIPF. The following highlight the key sectors of focus

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Information communication technology
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Social infrastructure (healthcare, education and Post-harvest agriculture)

HangalaPrescient investment philosophy centres on capital preservation, robust risk management practices and consistently striving for real returns for individual and institutional investors.


Tel: +264 61 402 092

18 Liliencron Street, The Village, Unit 17,Windhoek