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InnoSun, daughter company of InnoVent, kick started the renewable energy industry in Namibia by signing the first Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Omburu solar plant in 2013. With its growing portfolio in renewable energy, it is currently running 19.5 MW of solar and wind parks in the Namibia.

In less than 15 years, InnoVent, the parent company of InnoSun has become an international group running 480 MW wind farms and solar parks in more than 10 countries in Africa and France. InnoVent was founded by Grégoire Verhaeghe in 2001 with the aim of designing, installing and operating wind farms in France. For over 15 years, InnoVent has been using its internal resources and specialist partners to respond to the full range of issues linked to the development, construction and operation of wind and solar farms. With this knowledge, InnoVent is an experienced company that is well recognized in its field.


InnoVent exported its know-how to African countries and invested its resources into research and development for new components and production techniques in solar, wind and biomass.

Following up on the lessons from South Africa, InnoSun was created in 2008 in order to harness the solar energy and developing new projects in Namibia.


Proposing construction of larger and smaller scale solar and wind power plants to the Government and NamPower with the aim to reduce the country’s reliance on fossil fuel energy imports from South Africa. Providing solar panels to organizations working with poorest communities in order to reduce their energy expenditure

InnoSun was awarded the first ever PPA signed with Nampower for a 4.5MW solar power plant in 2013. In addition, InnoSun’s expertise in the energy industry and the presence of a dedicated local team successfully completed various projects in Namibia.

InnoSun was awarded the first ever PPA signed with NamPower for a 4.5MW solar power plant in 2013. In addition, InnoSun’s expertise in the energy industry and the presence of a dedicated local team successfully completed various projects in Namibia. InnoSun didn’t stop there, currently we have reached an installed capacity of 19.5 MW with 3 solar power plants and 1 wind farm in Namibia. InnoVent, the majority shareholder in InnoSun has been developing several solar power plants in various countries across Africa such as Chad, Senegal, Morocco, Comoros and several other countries. With different projects at differentstages of completion, InnoVent is confident of continued significant and effective development in Africa.


Our developers look for, define and mark out potentially suitable sites for wind and solar farms in Namibia and the rest of the African continent, taking into account the opinions of local populations. Zones need to be defined in accordance with a wide range of spatial constraints, and meetings have to be held with local elected representatives and people who own and farm the land that may prove suitable for the installation of wind turbines or photovoltaic panels. Once an agreement has been reached, we have to carry out a number of feasibility studies: detailed study of the power network, impact studies (landscape, noise, animal and plant life, etc.). InnoSun has the human and technical means to carry out all of these studies. Only the animal and plant life and habitat studies are outsourced by approved consultants. Over the whole project development phase, we follow thoroughly all local regulations and seek for all necessary authorizations and permits.


InnoSun manages the energy farm projects, supported by the leading service providers in the wind and solar power industry. Our teams coordinate all the various subcontractors, from connecting the site to the power network to service roads, foundations, the arrival of the machines and panels on site, right up to the moment when the equipment goes into production. With our fifty years’ experience, we work with the best and our skilled teamsmonitor our projects from the preparation of the site to the commissioning of the energy farm. Our soil studies are carried out by specialist firms sourced locally as well as the sizing of the foundation blocks. The foundation blocks and service roads are built by local and reputable subsidiaries of major groups.


InnoSun has an in-house team of managers and technicians operating and maintaining our 3 solar parks and 1 wind farm. Our team of engineers in the field is connected to the 4 generating plants and machines 24 hours a day via the Internet. The wind turbines send messages indicating the possible causes of breakdowns to help our teams work more efficiently in the field. We ensure a minimum availability of our power plants of 95%. To ensureproduction, for a project to be feasible, it should be technically possible to connect up to the power transmission lines. Electricity produced out our wind farm or one of our solar parks is sold either to the national Utility or, to a private off-taker (a mine, a factory). We are flexible and we adapt ourselves to the market and local consumer needs.


At Innosun Energy, while we contribute to the fight against climate disruption through the development of renewable energy, we believe in what is termed as Just Energy Transition, by making sure we don’t leave behind those who are most vulnerable and affected by the devastating effects of climate and skewed economic policies of the past. We believe that these communities should benefit from the transition from fossil fuel generation to clean sources of energy. Currently, we have committed ourselves to work with the Ministry of Mines & Energy Rural Electrification program and through the various roof top solar installations offered and installed at associations and community based NGO’s to help them meet their energy needs. The results have been very positive, with 740 panels (702 Masdar panels and 38 DelSolar panels) and 20 inverters donated in the last 6 years in Namibia. Innovent also supports the music project Muzukidz in the disadvantaged communities around Cape Town, promoting wellbeing and integration in a fractured society.


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