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About Us

Letshego Financial Services Namibia (Letshego Namibia) opened its doors in 2002 as Edu Loan Namibia, providing consumer and micro-lending services. In August 2008, Letshego Holdings Limited (LHL), a Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE) listed entity, acquired 100% of the company, soon after which the company re-branded to Letshego Financial Services Namibia. LHL is the largest indigenous BSE-quoted company with a current market capitalisation in excess of BWP 5 billion (US$ 500 million) that places it in the top 40 sub-Saharan Africa companies (excluding-South Africa).

We focus on low to middle income earners in the economy, through the provision of financially inclusive solutions. Previously, we only offered payroll loans throught the deduction at source model. To enable the new operating model that will support and deliver our financial inclusion and diversification strategy, Letshego applied for, and was awarded, a provisional banking license in July 2014. We are looking to roll out deposit and transactional solutions to customers across the country should our provisional banking license be confirmed. The solutions will bear our hallmarks of being responsive to needs of the people, simple to understand, accessible by way of innovative new channels, and above all, ethical solutions being developed that enable savings and sustainable economic growth.


Tel: +264 61 321 6600