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Project Description



To be the leading provider of legal services.


To deliver quality, timely and accessible legal services.


  • Integrity: We act with honesty and impartiality
  • Transparency: Activities must be done in an open, straight forward and easily understandable manner
  • Service Excellence: We are ready to go the extra mile
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our decisions and actions
  • Professionalism: We take pride in what we do and deliver quality and timely
  • Synergy: We value our staff and those whom we serve and promote teamwork


To provide legal services and access to justice.

Directorate: Legislative Drafting

This directorate is charged with the functions of scrutinising and drafting bills for parliament, proclamations of the president, regulations and government notices from ministries, offices and agencies, as well as rules of the supreme court, high court and magistrate courts.

Directorate: Legal Advice

This directorate is involved in the provision of legal advice and opinions, consultations with clients and drafting of agreements, scrutinising bills and proclamations before tabling in parliament, representing and negotiating on behalf of the government on national and international forums, representing the president and government on commissions of enquiry and offices/ ministries/agencies (O/M/As) in disciplinary hearings as presiding officers, investigators and initiators.

Directorate: Public Prosecution

This directorate, which serves the prosecutor-general, is mandated to prosecute crime in all courts in Namibia, as well as to defend and institute appeals in criminal matters in the high and supreme courts; The directorate also brings applications for asset forfeiture under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act and performs any other functions and exercises powers which may be conferred on the prosecutor-general by any other act of parliament.

Directorate: Civil Litigation

The mandate of this directorate derives from the Government Attorney Proclamation of 1982 and relates mainly to the provision of legal representation in courts for government offices, ministries, agencies and other entities engaged in government administration. The government attorney’s office performs activities similar to those performed in accordance with the law, practice or custom by legal practitioners, notaries or conveyancers, on behalf of government or entities engaged in government administration.

Directorate: Legal Services

This directorate is responsible for the administration and execution of legal processes on national, regional and international level relating to mutual legal assistance; extraditions; human rights and humanitarian law; bilateral and multilateral legal matters; policy and research; providing administrative support to the Board of Legal Education; Disciplinary Committee for legal practitioners and issuing of apostilles in terms of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.

Directorate: Legal Aid

This directorate is charged with the responsibility of providing legal aid, i.e. legal advice and legal representation at government expense to all Namibians who qualify to be granted legal aid based on income criteria determined in regulations promulgated by the Minister of Justice in terms of the Legal Aid Act, 1990.

Directorate: Master of the High Court

This directorate is required by statute to supervise the administration of deceased estates, liquidations and insolvencies, registration of trusts and the administration of the Guardian’s Fund.

Directorate: Law Reform

The Law Reform and Development Commission Act, 1991 establishes the Law Reform and Development Commission (LRDC). The core function of the directorate is to render support to the LRDC by conducting research in connection with and to examine all branches of the Namibian Law to enable the LRDC to make recommendations for reform and development of the said law.

Directorate: Central Administration

This directorate is mandated to provide various administrative support services to the rest of the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Attorney-General in terms of its strategic objective: to ensure an enabling environment and high performance culture.


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Minister of Justice Ms Yvonne Dausab, MP