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MTC (Mobile Telecommunications Limited) was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Namibia Post and Telecommunications Holdings (NPTH), Telia and Swedfund. During May 2004, NPTH concluded a deal that saw it hold 100 per cent of the shares in MTC by acquiring the 49 per cent held by Telia Overseas AB and Swedfund International AB. During 2006 the sale of 34% of MTC shares to Portugal Telecom was concluded for N$1.34 billion while the Namibian government retains the remainder of the stake through NPTH. MTC currently covers 98 per cent of the population of nearly 2 million citizens with more than 650 base stations and repeaters and offers a dual band 900/1800MHZ. The company also expanded its cellular coverage to all major towns in Namibia, including the major arterial roads. MTC was the second Mobile Operator to introduce 4GLTE in May 2012. The Company’s 3G HSDPA+ Network allows for a download speed of up 7.2 Mbps in Namibia’s major towns. It further runs two modern MSC’s (mobile switching centre) in Windhoek and Oshakati with capacity to accommodate rapidly rising number of customers of over 2 million active users. In May 2012, the company also launched its 4G technology  making it the second mobile operator on the continent to have 4G technologies. MTC also operates the only full service customer contact centre in Namibia dealing with service queries ranging from telephony, sms, fax, GPRS, data, voicemail and 3G/HSDPA.

Vision Statement:  To be the best digital enabler that meets customer needs.

Mission Statement:  To improve the lives of our customers through innovative digital solutions and highly skilled human capital.

What we value:

  • Integrity (trust, transparency)
  • Customer centricity
  • Stakeholder inclusivity
  • Innovation


MTC recognises commitment to our common vision, to growth and profitability and to enjoying the work we do. We achieve this through continuous change and development in a dynamic industry. We grasp opportunities to develop MTC in a structured manner.

We are committed to a culture of mutual respect, honesty, fairness, integrity, transparency, accountability and trust, and dare each other to perform in an excellent manner. We reward people according to the value they bring to MTC. We serve our customers to the best of our ability and strive to improve this service wherever possible.


Tel: +264 (61) 280 2000

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The Executive Committee Team is responsible for:

Executive Management (EXCO) is the body accountable for planning, organizing and overseeing departmental roles and responsibilities to achieve the company’s overall set goals and objectives. The Executive Management committee consists of departmental heads in Human Resource, Corporate affairs, Technology, Finance, Commercial, Legal and Internal Audit.