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Project Description



The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund was established in 1991, in terms of Act 30 of 1990, shortly after independence, to compensate people injured in motor vehicle crashes or the dependents of people killed in such crashes. Then a “fault- based” system, compensation was paid as a result of negligence or any other unlawful act on the part of the driver.

Today, after successful policy review, the Fund is mandated to design, promote and implement crash and injury prevention measures, provide assistance and benefits to all people injured and the dependents of people killed in road crashes in accordance with the MVA Fund Act No.10 of 2007. Hence, it operates on a hybrid system where all people injured in motor vehicle crashes, regardless of who caused the crash, receive fair and reasonable benefits (subject to some limitations and exclusions). Such payments are issued in accordance with administrative law principles.

Vision Statement:  Supporting your journey to independence.

Mission Statement:  Enhance customer experience through tailored services and empower them to return to meaningful life.

Our Values:

  • Passion:  We are compassionate and understanding with fellow team members and most importantly our customers.
  • Excellence:  We strive for quality and superiority in our work and the manner in which we deliver to our customers.
  • Teamwork:  We are committed to the same goal; trusting and supporting each other.
  • Integrity:  We uphold the highest ethical standards and act with honesty, respect, trust and fairness in our interactions with our customers and stakeholders.


Office Location:

Geographical Footprint

As a customer-centric organization, the MVA Fund effectively anticipates and responds to the ever changing needs of its customers. One of the biggest challenges that hampered service delivery was the long distances customers had to travel to submit claims, a situation which prompted the Fund to develop an expansion strategy with the ultimate aim of increasing national presence and thereby bring service closer to the customer. This national expansion agenda is testimony of the Fund’s commitment to support Government’s efforts towards its decentralization policy of bringing equitable access to services to all Namibians, regardless of economic and social standing in line with Vision 2030.

Currently service centres are located in strategic locations, namely:

  1. Windhoek
  2. Keetmanshoop
  3. Walvis Bay
  4. Otjiwarongo
  5. Rundu
  6. Katima Mulilo
  7. Ongwediva

Source of Income

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund of Namibia is able to fulfill its mandate and meet obligations toward its customers through the fuel levy provided by the Ministry of Mines and Energy. In the past year, the Fund received 47.7cents per litre of petrol and diesel sold.

Strategic Direction

The MVA Fund continues to focus on providing superior customer service which boosts the expansion of its responsibility toward its claimants by placing much emphasis on the outputs of the injured persons. This objective is being met through building more sustainable relationships with the customer, knowing their unique needs and involving them in their journey to independence.

In furthering its mission to empower customers through tailored injury prevention programmes and support their return to meaningful life, the Fund ensures that injured persons are returned to work, school and independence through a holistic outcome-based approach, improving investment in skills and expertise building internally and fostering strategic relationships with key partners in the medical fraternity.

The Fund continues to focus on key strategic areas namely service performance, human resources management, effective internal process and financial performance.

Strategic Focus Area 1: Service Performance

The Fund’s objectives are to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction levels
  • Develop productive relationships with key partners through stakeholder segmentation and implementation of relationship building efforts responding to stakeholder influence and engagement

Strategic Focus Area 2: Human Resource Development

The Fund’s objectives are to:

  1. Improve staff satisfaction levels
  2. Continuously implement employee engagement programmes
  3. Leverage existing constructive relationship with the Union

Strategic Focus Area 3: Effective Internal Process

The Fund aims to:

  1. Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of internal policies and practices
  2. Implement more sophisticated customer segmentation and development of services that respond to customer needs
  3. Establish new capabilities and activities in key areas such as information analytics, project management and quality management

Strategic Focus Area 4: Financial Performance

The Fund aims to:

  1. Manage financial performance
  2. Achieve solvency


  • Medical Benefit:  Individuals involved in a road crash are eligible for an undertaking of up to N$1.5 million, which provides for medical treatment, injury management, rehabilitation and life enhancement.
  • Injury Grant:  The Fund provides an injury grant to the value of up to N$100,000. This is a cash grant that serves as compensation for individuals injured in a road crash.
  • Funeral Grant:  The Fund provides a funeral benefit to the value of N$7,000 for individuals who died as a result of a road crash in Namibia.
  • Loss of Income:  Loss of income may be claimed by a survivor of a road crash and is limited to N$100,000. Certain limitations and exclusions apply.
  • Loss of Support:  Loss of support may be claimed by a dependant of an individual deceased in a road crash. Loss of support is limited to N$100,000, with certain limitations and exclusions.