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Project Description


The Namibia Training Authority’s framework of governance is set out in the Vocational Education and Training Act, Act 1 of 2008, which grants the Board of Director’s overall responsibility for the management and control of the affairs of the NTA.

It does so in line with the three main objectives of the VET Act, which have been defined as:

– Achieving an effective and sustainable system of skills formation aligned with the labour market and which provides the skills needed for accelerated development, productive work and increased standards of living;
– Establishing a stable organisation and an efficient and effective management system that clarifies roles in and responsibilities for VET and is accountable to Parliament, through the Minister of Education; and
– Establish and maintain a sustainable partnership between the Namibian government, the private sector and civil society to resource the provision of VET.

The Board operates within this overall strategic framework to develop and reform the VET system and exercise the strategic management of the work of the NTA.

The Board of Directors consists of 11 members appointed on a three-year term by the Education Minister, subject to Section 15 of the State-Owned Enterprises Governance Act, as follows:

– Five members nominated by employer representatives on the Labour Advisory Council;
– Two members nominated by trade union representatives on the Labour Advisory Council;
– Three members representing the Government of the Republic of Namibia Training Authority; and
– One member of the Council of the Namibia Qualifications Authority, nominated by that Council.

The Minister of Education appoints the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson from amongst the members.

The Board administers and controls the affairs of the Namibia Training Authority by:

– Determining the policies and procedures of the Namibia Training Authority;
– Exercise control in general over the exercise of powers and the performance of the functions of the Namibia Training Authority; and
– Administer and control the National Training Fund.


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