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Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is a proudly Namibian hospitality and service company. It manages resorts and camps in the national parks across our beautiful country on behalf of the Namibian government. NWR’s knowledgeable staff is customer-driven and dedicated to providing a Namibian experience that is relaxing, memorable and liberating in comfortable surroundings.

NWR operates 20 resorts in three different lodging categories which suit every need and pocket.

Eco-collection: Exclusive accommodation in the heart of Namibia’s national parks.

Classic Collection: A variety of accommodation options from serviced chalets and standard hotel rooms to basic camp sites paired with a broad range of facilities and tours.

Adventure & Camping: Campsites and cabins for the rugged traveller who appreciates ‘close to nature’ adventures.

NWR arranges intimate wildlife experiences on guided night drives in Etosha National Park as well as sunrise and sunset excursions to majestic Sossusvlei, or relaxing massages and wellness treatments based on the healing properties of the hot springs at Gross Barmen.

NWR also provides adventure activities such as hikes into iconic landscapes on signature trails like the Fish River Canyon Hike through the second largest canyon on earth (four to five days, approximately 80 km), or the Namib Naukluft Hiking Trail through the rugged Naukluft Mountains which is considered one of the toughest trails in southern Africa (eight days, 120 km or four days, 60 km).

NWR caters for everyone. Whether you are passionate about photography, wildlife, landscapes, geology, camping, fishing, history or culture or simply enjoy the pure exhilaration of finding yourself surrounded by the essence of Africa – NWR is your willing partner and host.

In its drive to make travel in Namibia more affordable, NWR offers three different membership card options to domestic, SADC and other international visitors. The NamLeisure card is for one person; NamLeisure Plus is for couples or an adult and one child aged between 13 and 17 years; NamLeisure Family is for two adults and two children aged between 13 and 17 years. Residents of Namibia qualify for a 50% discount, SADC travellers for 25% and international travellers for 10%. Non-cardholders who share a room or a camping site with a NamLeisure cardholder are also eligible for a 50% discount plus a supplementary rate.

The benefits of NamLeisure membership go beyond discount rates. NWR uses a portion of the proceeds as well as 5% of the value of any member booking for conservation projects, including the NWR-Enviro- Kidz program, and joint projects with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism – providing a double “feel-good” experience.

NWR has fine-tuned its online booking platform after realizing that clients are increasingly turning to instant electronic booking instead of writing emails and having to wait for the reply in order to finalize travel arrangements.
At the same time NWR also made subtle changes to its website to facilitate navigation and easy access to the required information.

NWR launches improved phone application
As travellers move away from traditional ways of seeking information and making bookings, we saw the need to revamp our mobile application. This realisation saw us spending tireless hours in fine tuning our iOS and Android phone application for it to meet the needs of our domestic and international market. The phone application is now available from our website.

The improved application has added new features that will make booking your next holiday with us very simple as you can now make and pay for your booking through the application in addition to checking for availability. This feature is crucial for our travellers who find themselves in between towns and would like to conclude a booking while on the road.

With the improvements on the application, holidaymakers can now apply for our NamLeisure card that affords Namibian travellers 50% discount when visiting any one of our establishments. This addition is important to us as clients will no longer have to travel to our offices or log onto their computer when applying for a NamLeisure card.

Though we spent a lot of time and energy revamping the phone application, we are glad that we took this long so that we could provide a seamless experience for our clients”.


Tel: +264 61 285 7200