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Project Description




NedNamibia Holdings Limited is the holding company for subsidiaries engaged in financial services including commercial and personal banking, corporate and specialised finance, personal lending, wealth management, life assurance, property and asset finance, foreign exchange and securities trading.

NedNamibia Holdings provides a full range of domestic and global services to individual, corporate and international clients through a widespread branch network, and a newly constructed “green building” head office in Windhoek. An innovative approach to providing financial services, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the Namibian market, a commitment to Namibian development, strong support from its shareholder, and adherence to international best practice in risk management has enabled the bank to grow.

NedNamibia Life Assurance Company Limited provides cover for clients, notably for their credit and overdraft commitments. NedPlan Insurance Brokers Namibia (Proprietary) Limited provides insurance brokerage services. NedCapital Namibia, the specialist non-banking financial services unit within NedNamibia Holdings, offers specialised finance, syndication and advisory services to corporates, state-owned enterprises and empowerment entities.

The wellbeing of our entire country is a founding principle for Nedbank Namibia’s aspiration to be highly involved in our communities and the environment. Now, more than ever, disenfranchised Namibians need all the help they can get concerning basic needs such as food, shelter and sanitation. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals call for businesses across the globe to “end poverty and create a life of dignity and opportunity for all.”

Our policy as a responsible corporate citizen is aligned with the definition of sustainable development by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development – development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our approach is characterised by sharing expertise, as opposed to simply dispensing funds. By involving our own people in different ways, we demonstrate our commitment but, more importantly, develop the passion that underpins the project and builds real partnerships.

By forming partnerships, we learn more from every project, from every facilitating organisation we deal with. We learn from successes as much as we learn from failures. These lessons drive constant refinements to our criteria for support. These refinements, in turn, raise the probability of success and ensure that we reach our goal of building capacity.

We avoid cheque book philanthropy to ensure sponsorship alliances that will ultimately benefit the country at large. At Nedbank Namibia we focus on each party by activating all resources to leverage the optimum benefits from the alliance. The reality is that one needs to harness energy, money and collective knowledge to achieve desired results.

At Nedbank Namibia, we appreciate that funding is often very limited and that Government can only do a restricted amount of environmental work. Funding from the private sector is therefore an absolute imperative to sustain the commitments made towards environmental conservation and protection.

Nedbank Namibia initiated the Go Green Fund in 2001 together with the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) as environmental conservation was no longer a choice but a responsibility – one that we take very seriously.  The Go Green Fund supports individuals and organisations that are working actively towards a more sustainable future for Namibia’s people, endemic species and habitats. The importance of Nedbank Namibia’s unique Go Green Fund is becoming even more pronounced as a contributor to the triple bottom-line effect.

Already considered a pioneering initiative and Namibia’s corporate torchbearer for environmental protection, the Go Green Fund has disbursed funds to a host of deserving projects and initiatives. Over the past decade Nedbank, in partnership with NNF, has supported over 160 conservation projects across Namibia focused on the protection and wise management of Namibian habitats and indigenous plant and animal species. It further promotes the sustainable use of natural resources, enhances the understanding of indigenous species and natural ecosystems, and disseminates information on environmental issues and parameters among communities.

The positive development impact that has come from this partnership showcases how private corporations, such as Nedbank, can work with civil society to bring about greater change and contribute to Namibia’s sustainable development.


Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking focuses on corporate growth and operational successes, and provides close, tailored support by a stable team of experts. The team brings to the table an understanding not just of the workings of large companies, but their specific industries, and the risks and challenges that they face.

We provide a highly focused service to companies with an annual turnover of N$100 million or more. The advantage of the exclusive focus is that corporates have dedicated resources at their disposal.


Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking is known for its ability to provide effective solutions to corporates, through a senior customer service team supported by industry and product specialists who facilitate more complex client needs.


Head Office Tel: +264 61 295 2222

Lost and Stolen Cards Tel:  +264 81 127 3051

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