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Project Description



Oshakati Premier Electric (Pty) Ltd (OPE) is an industry-leading distribution and supply company operating within the borders of Oshakati, Namibia. The primary mandate of OPE is to conduct distribution and supply of electricity, electrical engineering services and other activities related thereto throughout Oshakati. In support, the company ensures operations, maintenance, upgrading and expansion of the electrical system towards a sustainable, dependable power-supply delivery.

Currently, OPE has 7 200 active electricity customers in its area of operation with an annual turnover of approximately N$150 million. Due to a progressive town-development drive by the Oshakati Local Authority, OPE is expecting the addition of up to 6 000 additional residential customers over the medium term of five to eight years, with an additional step load of 1,5 MVA expected for a new shopping mall in the already popular CBD area of Oshakati by 2019.

Due to a changing electricity supply environment, OPE is committed to implementing alternative generation solutions based on renewable energy and is already in advanced stages of implementing a 10 MVA Solar PV generation installation. Alternative technologies and diversifying the core business is also receiving attention in the form of research and development to possibly provide internet broadband data services for customers via a smart metering network.

Oshakati Premier Electric operates in accordance with an Electrical Master Plan that was formulated in 2001 and updated in 2013. Another Maintenance Master Plan was also concluded in 2013 to guide the electrical maintenance plan for the town of Oshakati to ensure optimal network availability.

1.  During 2003, the existing 10 MVA transformer in the NamPower substation was upgraded to a 14 MVA unit to cater for the load growth identified by the 2001 Master Plan.
2.  Solid growth in return on investments paid to the shareholder: N$8 million paid to Oshakati Town Council in 2017.
3.  Reduction of power failures is essential.
4.  Completion of approximately 95% of the 2001 Master Plan.
5.  Self-funding of infrastructure investment as per the OPE Electrical Master Plan.
6.  Provision of a 24-hour prepaid vending stations since 2003.
7.  Provision of fully funded bursaries to needy students at local universities. Four electrical engineering students graduated in 2015 and 2016 academic years.
8.  Investment in human resource capacities. Training of our core business employees in obtaining wiremen licensing, switching authorisation and various other            training interventions is essential.
9.  Investing in an 11kV power factor correction facility to lower electricity purchase costs from NamPower is a key factor.
10. Connection of customers in previously non-reticulated areas: OPE has managed to distribute power to approximately 2 600 erven over the past 16 years in areas such as Evululuko, Okandjengedi (south and north), Oneshila, Uupindi (south and north), Oshoopala and all authorised and enabled location areas.
11.  Installation and maintenance of streetlights in Oshakati at no cost to the Oshakati Town Council, translating into about N$2 million per year in operational expense to help improve general safety and security.
12.  OPE further erected 45 25m-high masts in Oshakati in the areas of Uupindi, Evululuko, Okandjengedi, Oneshila, Oshoopala and along Mandume Ndemufayo/Okahao Road.
13.  Installation of eight traffic lights at intersections to assist in traffic-flow control and improve general traffic safety.
14.  OPE installed seven quality-of-supply meters in Oshakati to monitor the quality of electrical supply in town and to ensure that problem areas are addressed proactively.
15.  Electricity losses have been lowered the past 16 years from an initial level of 12% to a current industry leading level of 6%.
16.  OPE has noted the recent increases in electricity tariffs and are in the process of developing a new 10 MVA solar plant to assist in lowering electricity prices and ensure sustainability.
17.  Vision 2030: OPE’s mission is to provide electricity to all residents of Oshakati and by so doing, complementing and help our government realising Vision 2030 targets.


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