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PowerCom Pty Ltd has experienced several transformations since it initially entered the telecommunications market in 2007 as Cell One, and then Leo in 2009 as a mobile operator.

PowerCom (Pty) Ltd is now a 100% subsidiary of Telecom Namibia since October 2013 and has changed its principle nature of business from a mobile operator to a tower infrastructure provider. The company’s overarching goal is to be at the center of passive infrastructure demands in the market within Namibia ICT industry and to provide a one-stop-shop for towers services.

Value Creation

PowerCom’s value proposition lies in the company’s commitment to diversify infrastructure solutions in response to the key and vertical market demands. This will ultimately ensure that they fulfil their goal to become a hub of connectivity within Namibia and maintain their relevance in an ever-changing marketplace. The company is conscious of the importance of its agile and innovative business model which prioritizes rapid lead times for clients, rolling out its network in an agile environment and a proactive approach to service delivery.

A range of infrastructure services are offered by the company. These help to situate them at the very beginning of the value chain in terms of connectivity. These include an asset portfolio of 300 telecommunications towers across the country and over 20 rooftops under its management. PowerCom’s infrastructure empowers broadcasters and radio services nationwide by leasing tower space to commercial and community providers of various sizes. Equally, the benefits of
PowerCom’s infrastructure are felt in the aviation and rail industries. Security companies also benefit from increased connectivity in their sector, while non-mainstream industries are positively impacted by the improved communication technology offered to these core industries and Namibians more generally.

There are two key elements at the heart of PowerCom’s business model: the construction of towers through comprehensive and effective partnerships, along with the leasing of tower space to third parties. These third parties are primarily telecommunications operators who then provide network coverage to their own end users. This also links to another aspect of PowerCom’s business capabilities, namely the ability to supply build-to-suit solutions for operators based on their
specifications. Other vital functions offered by the company include infrastructure maintenance and rooftop managed services. PowerCom is therefore able to assert that they offer a comprehensive service across the communications infrastructure industry in Namibia.


Services offered by PowerCom include:
Tower site acquisition: Land is acquired or leased to build sites for two or more operators or tenants to occupy.
Tower construction: Utilising effective partnerships, tower sites are build that comprise of several elements including civil works, electricity and the tower structure itself.
Tower maintenance: A comprehensive maintenance service is provided, ensuring that operational efficiency and effectivity is consistent across the infrastructure portfolio.
Tower space leasing: Mobile and broadcasting operators, along with other relevant operators in vertical markets, lease transmission space on towers on a medium to long term basis depending on requirement.
Managed services for rooftops: A rooftop brokerage service is provided.
Build to suit: Towers are build on behalf of operators according to their specifications, resulting in a completely bespoke development tailored to the client’s needs.

PowerCom is licensed by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRAN) as a Class Network Facilities Service License holder since 27 July 2017, under the Communications Act of 2009.

Contact information
PowerCom Head Office, Unit 2 Maerua Heights Burg Street, Klein Windhoek
Tel: +264 61 201 2090, Email: info@powercom.na, Website: www.powercom.na
Social media: t @powercomna, facebook : PowerCom Pty Ltd , Linked in PowerCom Pty Ltd


Tel: +264 61 201 2090