Old Mutual Limited made its primary listing on the JSE with the secondary listing on Stock Exchanges in Namibia, London, Malawai and Zimbabwe. This occassion is part of Old Mutuals journey of anchoring Old Mutual in Africa. This is an exciting moment but equally, a great opportunity to accelerate and propel us to a higher level of “Doing Great Things Every Day” for our valuable customers, employees and communities, said the Group CEO Kosmos Egumbo.

One of Old Mutual’s attributes is being a responsible corporate citizen. They are a corporation that has committed themselves to co-create a better and more prosperous Namibia for all and an entity that avails itself to be owned by more Namibians. Almost 20 years ago since the demutualisation and listing on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX), their policyholder forms part of the shareholder’s pool. They are proud that an increasing number of Namibian institutions and individuals have shown confidence in owning Old Mutual shares.

What the listing of Old Mutual Limited means for their business is that they become a stronger and more focused business. One that is able to provide enhanced performance. The listing of Old Mutual will also open a new chapter for us, as our business will be owned by shareholders who aspire to have a focused and clear emerging market exposure, said Mr Egumbo. As a business they reaffirm commitmentttment to the future of the continet, they are committed to enabling postive futures in Namibia. As a responsible business, we shall demonstrate responsibility towards responsibility environment.

For our customer, they may wonder how they will be impacted by these changes. They wish to reassure their customers that they will continue to be in the same capable hands and that the day-to-day running of our business will continue as usual. Your investments and policies, and our product offerings will not be affected by Managed Separation and the listing of Old Mutual Limited. We remain a financially strong, well-capitalised and well-governed business with capabilities and focus that position us better to meet the changing needs of our customers and prospective customers. Our focus on innovative solutions and drive to enhance customer experience is never ending as is our commitment to creating value and risk-adjusted returns for your savings and investments.

Over the years Old Mutual have invested in their communities and will continue to do so with the 1% Net Profit after Tax is set aside for this purpose. Their responsible business philosophy lies at the heart of their strategy.

On behalf of their customers, they invest funds in initiatives that build and enhance the socio-economic future of the community they operate in, while conserving the enviroment for generations to come.

In closing, Mr Egumbo invited and presented existing and prospective Old Mutual Limited shareholders with an opportunity and investment vehicle to acquire Old Mutual Limited shares through the Namibia Stock Exchange platform and become part of the Old Mutual dynamic family. He went onto say, when you own an Old Mutual Limited share you become part of a business that enables positive futures, a business, family and community that is “Doing Great Things Every Day”.

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