When one thinks about the tourism industry, what usually comes to mind are the tourism facilities along with transportation service providers. These players have a significant role to play to ensure tourists are accommodated and transported.

A typical tourist flies into Namibia through Air Namibia and lands at the Hosea Kutako International Airport. From there, a taxi takes them to their choice of accommodation. During their stay, they eat at different restaurants in addition to visiting local markets. Some tourists might even visit National Parks
or cultural villages where they spend money. During their stay, service providers such as car hiring companies, fuel stations and grocer shops also benefit.

“As a company that benefits from tourists, Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) is conscious of the important role they play to ensure the local economy thrives. Without them, our more than 900 employees and 24 facilities would greatly suffer. That is why as an accommodation provider we ensure to treat every tourist, whether domestic or international in the best possible way because of the significant contribution they make to keep us and the local economy going” says Mrs Zelna Hengari, NWR managing director.

Aside from the financial contributions tourists make, they are great Ambassadors. By visiting local villages and experiencing the culture, they are able to expose unfamiliar places to their friends and families who in turn might decide to visit these places themselves. They also reveal what they come across through posting photos on their social media platforms which further markets destination Namibia without it spending a single cent.

“This is why telecommunication companies play a vital role in ensuring that this communication is facilitated smoothly. The current drive by Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) is very welcome as it will ensure that tourists remain connected throughout the country. This is vital because they are
able to share their experiences immediately thereby creating awareness of our hidden gems” says Mr Mufaro Njabulo Nesongano, NWR corporate communications and online media manager.

Mrs Hengari concludes by saying, “as a country, we should always remember that, when tourists come to Namibia, they bring in the foreign capital which contributes to the Governments foreign reserves. Equally, tourists tremendously assist local economies through the purchasing of goods in the respective
towns they visit. That’s why the role they play is so significant and cuts across different sectors.”

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