Capricorn Private Wealth is a uniquely Namibian financial service offering, which amalgamates the very best that Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Asset Management have to offer to create a boutique financial offering that caters to the specific needs of individual clients. The offering was launched at an exclusive
event on Thursday 16 August 2018, at which Managing Director of Bank Windhoek Baronice Hans said, “Through years of working with high net-worth
clients we have learned countless lessons, one of the most important being that each and every client is different. No client has the exact same goals or financial
aspirations. In order to thrive in this segment of the market we needed to create an offering that is highly personable, flexible and can be delivered to the highest
standard to each and every client.” As a consumer driven organisation, our primary focus is identify the white space opportunities that enables us to remain
relevant whilst addressing needs and unlocking growth for our clients. Our aspirations to be a catalyst for sustainable opportunities and business partner for
growth leads us to innovate solutions around our customer needs and aspirations.

Speaking to the customer experience that clients can enjoy, Managing Director of Capricorn Asset Management Mr Tertius Liebenberg said, “Capricorn Private
Wealth launches with a unique look that is refined and understated, created with the goal of appealing to the refined tastes of high net worth clients. To add to the
customer experience, we have created a modern private banking suite in which we will be able to address all the needs of clients. It is all part of a strategy
underpinned by highly personalised service and attention to detail to ensure we achieve the best outcome for each client.”

The successful launch of Capricorn Private Wealth has been a long time in the making with product and process testing beginning in April 2017. This unique
offering is the realisation of the vision of two 100% Namibian financial giants to create a personable, adaptable and flexible offering to cater to the needs of their
high net worth clients. This launch is significant as the offering is truly unique and second to none in the market place as Capricorn Private Wealth strives to deliver sustainable value to its clients.

Capricorn Private Wealth Clients will be able to enjoy the services of a wide range of specialists and experts in their respective fields. Including, Private
Bankers, Wealth Managers, Fiduciary Specialists who will be to assist them with trusts, estates and wills as well as a Forex Specialist who will assist clients with
foreign payments, receipts, import and export transactions. Clients will also be able to receive expert advice on tax, offshore and insurance needs. Capricorn Private Wealth is a joint venture between Bank Windhoek and Capricorn Asset Management, members of Capricorn Group.

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