The Directorate of Industrial Development is responsible for evaluating and appraising industrial projects. It sponsors feasibility studies and surveys of potential development areas and renders support and advice to potential developers and investors. The directorate is also engaged in the production of statistics, and conducts regular censuses of the manufacturing sector.

The key function areas of the Directorate are summarised below:

  • Formulation of legislations, policy strategies and programmes aimed at creating an enabling environment for promoting and developing a dynamic local small, micro and medium enterprise (SMME) sector;
  • Promoting economic development in least developed regions in a manner that contributes towards integrating historically disadvantaged Namibians into the mainstream of the economy, the country’s GDP growth, reducing unemployment and poverty, and achieving an inclusive shared equitable economy; and
  • Planning and constructing appropriate industrial infrastructure providing trading and factory space especially to small and medium enterprises.
  • Development and implementation of policy strategies and programmes that facilitate long-term industrial development and diversification which will lead to sustainable economic growth, development and job creation.
  • Design and coordination of the implementation of an industrial policy for Namibia, and
  • Identification and promotion of viable resource-based and other priority industrial development potential and opportunities.

The Ministry industrial, entrepreneurial and SME development support services entail the following:

  • Financing of feasibility studies/business plans for local small and emerging entrepreneurs and least developed towns (Feasibility Study Fund)
  • Provision of business mentorship services and entrepreneurial skills training
  • Financial assistance to help SMEs to secure booths or stalls to exhibit their products at trade fairs
  • Construction and leasing of affordable business outlets and industrial workshops (Sites and Premises Development Programme)
  • Financial assistance towards procurement of production equipment and inputs (Equipment Aid Scheme and Group Purchasing Scheme)
  • Facilitation of business linkages and experiential factory visits
  • Research into and development of industrial products
  • Facilitation of linkages to financial services and access to finance for SMEs