Recycle your printer cartridges and get paid, says NamiGreen E-waste Recyclers

Too often companies and individuals throw out their used and empty printer cartridges for inkjet printers and laser printers. That’s bad – both for the environment for but also money-wise.

NamiGreen E-waste (electronic waste), a Windhoek-based recycling business, have started recycling printer cartridges for companies and individuals in Namibia. The purpose is to create local jobs and also prevent cartridges ending up in the landfills. Over the last 4 weeks NamiGreen has recycled the first 3000 printer cartridges at their Windhoek E-waste facility.

CEO of NamiGreen, Mr. Per E. Hansen says “too often we hear companies and individuals throwing out their printer cartridges. It’s bad for several reasons, mostly because many printer cartridges can be recycled and reused and at NamiGreen we typically pay between N$1.00 to 15.00 per cartridge – for specific types of cartridges and given they are not broken/cracked.”, and continues “even if the cartridges are broken/cracked, they should still not be send to the waste bin as they will end up polluting the environment in the long term. Recycling plays a crucial part of any circular economy.”

NamiGreen is expanding operations and calls for all Namibian companies and individuals to recycle their printer cartridges and toners instead of the throwing them in the waste bin. The company suggests to save the original packaging and once a cartridge is empty, then repack it in the original packaging to make it ready for proper recycling and possible payment.

For a full list of printer cartridges, please see list of recycled cartridges and payment of each recycled printer cartridge at

How does it work for citizens?

Citizens can simply deliver their printer cartridges to NamiGreen ( in Southern Industrial District, 5 Von Braun Street, Windhoek.

How does it work for companies?

Companies typically have larger printing needs and consumes more printer inks. For larger volumes NamiGreen offers a free collection service. Book a free collection on the NamiGreen E-waste website

For more information and press enquiries please contact:
NamiGreen – – Founder / CEO  Mr. Per E. Hansen – – (+264) 081 256 4136 / (+45) 42 50 20 30
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