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Project Description



Call Centre

The most vital part of any emergency evacuation provider is the ability to communicate with people in life and death situations.

E-Med has left no stone unturned. The call centre, based in Windhoek, operates 24 hours a day seven days a week, and staffed by multilingual and Basic Life Support clinicians. The HIT system (Healthcare Information Technology) as well as the CRM program (Customer Relation Management) provides the call centre with specialised technology, enabling the call centre operator to gain immediate excess to membership information of the medical aid funds and insurance policyholders who are contracted E-Med.

In an emergency, when you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical bracelet or necklace speaks for you, this is also obtainable from E-Med. All information is linked to our CRM program which provides our call centre staff with all your vital information.

Operators also gauge whether a call would require road or air evacuation, before dispatching the request to the nearest response centre for appropriate action.

Fully Medically Equipped Road Ambulance Services

E-Med’s fleet of ground ambulances are fitted with advanced medical equipment to ensure the best possible pre-hospital treatment is offered to patients. Each response vehicle and ground ambulance has access to medical equipment such as adult and paediatric ventilators, ECG monitors and infant incubators, ventilators and extrication devices.

On Site Paramedics

With the aim of providing quality & efficient paramedical services, E-Med’s operation are spearheaded by a team of highly qualified paramedics.

E-Med currently employs highly qualified paramedical staff with qualifications ranging from Basic Life Support, Intermediate Life Support to Advance Life support paramedics. A medical specialist is also available to assist the paramedical team with patient prognosis and provide medical support in the event of a critical ill patient.

Fully Medically Equipped Air Ambulance Services

E-Med has decided to join forces with Westair in 2009 not only to improve flight quality and safety but also to become the most reliable aero medical evacuation service in Namibia.

The joint venture enables E-Med to have three medically equipped air ambulances with a pilot compliment of seven 24hours a day. All aircraft on medical standby is duel pilot operation, pressurized and fully equipped for instrument landing approaches. Additional to the medical evacuation capability is a total of six Westair Aircraft which can be utilized for mercy flights in and around Namibia.

The company’s air fleet is not an emergency room by definition and does not replace that function either, but rather can be seen as the integration and link to better patient outcome. All Aircraft are equipped, at all times, with a medical advanced support system.



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