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Project Description


Gendev was founded in the fifties by Mr. A.P. Du Preez Snr and Mr. P.S.G Neethling Snr. The company was 100% owned by Suiderland Corporation, a South African Company and specialised in catching, canning, fishmeal processing and the marketing of pelagic products – namely tinned pilchards and fishmeal.

From the fifties to the eighties, the pilchard biomass was healthy and Gendev then employed over 1500 people. Shortly after Independence, Gendev commenced with a Namibianisation process, and Guinas Investment and Dun-Al (another Namibian shareholder) came onboard as shareholders of Gendev.

In 1992, Gendev invested in a tuna canning plant and by 1993 the canning of pilchard and tuna, combined, employed 1465 people – making Gendev one of the major employers in the country. In 1993/1994, Gendev pioneered the canning of Horse Mackerel but the canning processing could not last, because of the tins manufacturing technology at the time.

In 1998, Gendev Fishing Resources (Pty) Ltd was granted mid water Trawl Horse Mackerel rights and in 2000, the pilchard canning plant was replaced with a state of the art freezing plant, to process the pilchard quota of Genmir Marine.

The company underwent a few transformations over the years but today Gendev is a proudly 72% Namibian owned company. Shareholders include Gendev Fishing Resources (Pty) Ltd; Guinas Investment (Pty) Ltd; Dun-Al Fishing (Pty) Ltd; Compoposato Investments (Pty) Ltd; Vernier Investments (Pty) Ltd and Eco Fish Processors (Pty) Ltd.



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