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Project Description



We are a full service corrugated manufacturer with our plant located conveniently in Walvis Bay, Namibia. Starting with production in early 2010, we not only created new Namibian jobs but also introduced an enormous investment into the Namibian economy ensuring that Namibia exports cartons to neighbouring countries through a network of new established clients.

We have recently completed expanding our business to double our capacity, with the building of roughly 10 000m2 additional “floor space”. This supplementary investment ensures that Guan’s Packaging remains a frontrunner in the corrugated industry. We have the largest single building in Walvis Bay, covering about 23 000m2 floor space. With the building of this new addition, we will be able to create even more employment for Namibians. We believe in leading rather than following others, setting us apart from any possible competition.

Guan’s Packaging’s foundations are built on four strong fundamentals: Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Hard work.

Any visitor to our manufacturing plant can confirm that our management methods differ from usual conventional management styles, yet are highly effective. We have total commitment to our operations from all our staff.

The leadership of Guan’s Packaging acknowledges the fact that human capital far outweighs financial capital and we have actively shown our commitment to empower our employees through our commitment to advance their individual and collective skills base as “TEAM GUAN’S” from the word go.


Tel: +264 61 64 271 600