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Project Description



Manica Group Namibia is a group of companies specialising in various fields of supply chain logistics, freight handling and marine trading and services. Established in 1924, the group’s commitment to the development of the Namibian freight and logistics industry has led to the forging of long-term relationships with key customers, agents and service providers both locally and internationally. These long-term relationships are vital ingredient of our successful business model. Manica’s approach of independent business units, integrated into a seamless logistics solution, ensures that clients enjoy competitive rates, hassle-free and prompt logistics solutions to any cargo challenge, roughly put: a one-stop-shop logistics solution.

Even though most of our operations have a relatively low environmental risk profile, we strive to conduct our business to the best industry standards in a manner that is congenial, safe, environmentally acceptable and sensitively conscious of the needs and concerns of our communities. Manica group companies are also ISO 9001:2008 accredited, to ensure that our clients benefit from our high standard of quality management and safety systems.  Over and above its daily operations, Manica is also committed to an all-encompassing sustainability strategy. This strategy includes its commitment to actively reducing its carbon footprint in all aspects of its operations and uplifting the living conditions of the communities is operates in. With our strong culture of quality and service, our focus on skilled resources and our worldwide partnerships, we strive to remain THE ULTIMATE CHOICE in offering freight and logistical solutions on a local, regional and international level.

As a proud member of the BIDVEST Group, we are a strategic link in the Southern African freight market and as such, part of an ever expanding and diversified group of companies. And this is the DNA of Manica’s success. We are highly confident that we can be of service to you. So, sit back, relax and rest assured in the fact that our dynamic company with vast local knowledge and broad international experience is ready for you.


Tel: +264 64 201 2911