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Project Description



On the edge of Etosha Pan, in the heart of one of Africa’s last great wilderness areas, lies a place of sanctuary and renewal, where the balance of nature has been restored.

Here, in a vast private reserve that was once unproductive farmland, this magnificent creature roams free, in the company of lion, elephant, leopard, and an abundance of other species.

By putting nature first at Ongava, we set the scene for a renewed understanding and appreciation of the importance of wildlife conversation.

Our focus on research, with the independently funded Ongava Research Centre as a hub, allows us to share what we’re learning, in the best interests of the natural environment and the future of safe and responsible ecotourism.

Indulge in a Life of Luxury in the Wild

At Ongava, you can spend your day in the wide-open spaces of the wild, and come home to the embrace of comfort and luxury.

Our four lodges, distinctive in style and character, have been carefully designed to harmonise with the landscape that surrounds and inspires them. Each is a special retreat that will advance your appreciation of nature.


Little Ongava

Like a glimpse of an elusive creature in the shadows of the bush, Little Ongava is a leap of the imagination that will stop you in your tracks and take your breath away.


Ongava Tented Camp

Adventure is second nature at Ongava Tented Camp, where the spirit of a traditional sojourn is redefined in comfort, as you settle into the welcome of your spacious walk-in tent.


Ongava Lodge

Nestled amidst ancient rock formations, the rock chalets and main areas of Ongava Lodge blend natural beauty with contemporary elegance and sophistication.


Anderssons at Ongava

With its breathtaking contemporary styling and a touch of Afro-Mediterranean flair, Anderssons at Ongava is where the wild gives rise to a bold new vision of ecotourism.




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