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Project Description



“Live life with purpose and joy.”

For more than 16 years as a professional photographer, Susan observed, analyzed, and captured human behavior through her lens. Sparking her curiosity regarding human behavioral patterns and the stories unfolding in front of her, she pursued the ICF Accredited Star Leadership Coach Training program and became a certified professional and transformational life coach.

Susan is also a certified Five-Lens Enneagram practitioner, a tool that has added enormous value in terms of creating self-awareness and improving personal mastery, helping us to understand ourselves, our colleagues/partners, and the teams/surroundings we operate within daily. She has a natural ability to connect deeply, challenge your thinking to gain clarity, and empower you with creative and visual tools to simplify your decisions, relationships, and goals. Her aim is to create a safe space for every client in which they can discover, grow, and gain confidence in themselves and their choices; freeing them from the beliefs, patterns, themes & pressures that holds them back or keep them stuck.

Photography still provides a practical language through which she speaks, assisting her clients with tools to deepen conversations, practice mindfulness to relieve stress-anxiety and spark creative and innovative thinking.

“Experience freedom in being you.”

What started out as journey of self exploration transformed into a passion of helping people experience the same transformation that I had through my coaching journey. An integral part of the coaching journey involves getting to know yourself on a deeper level than before.

This assists you to form new perspectives and to understand the reason why you think and operate the way you do. Having personally gone through the journey of being coached and becoming aware of my deeper inner thoughts, it helped me see life, people, purpose and perspectives in a completely different way. I believe each human being has the ability to experience freedom and joy on a different level than they were used to.

With the world moving faster than ever before and pressure building on social systems, business processes and emotional wellbeing coming to an all time low, I believe now is the time to look after ourselves. Agreeing to the coaching journey is step 1 in becoming a better version of yourself.

“Be the best version of yourself.”

    • Empower yourself through the identification of your behavioral style, recurring reaction, patterns, themes, or unconscious beliefs that hold you back from being your best self.
    • Self-awareness leads to deep and positive change.
    • Personal mastery tools create healthy thinking that leads to healthy actions which over time creates healthy habits.
    • Create goals with clarity and inner trust to reach them.
    • Develop compassion and courage to operate with confidence.
    • Set boundaries, find work-life balance, and experience the benefits.
    • Enhance your EQ and communicate effectively to lead better.
    • Experience freedom in your choices.
    • Gain self-confidence, driven by knowing your inner self.
    • Operate from a place of creativity, innovation, and positivity.
Susan Nel


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