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Project Description



Transworld Cargo has more than 38 years local and international experience in freight forwarding and value added logistic services. We combine the reliability and flexibility of a well established Namibian forwarding company with the benefits of an extensive global network.

Our team consists of more than 90 highly trained staff assuring our clients the best and most efficient logistics services.

Transworld Cargo provides international logistic solutions across international boundaries.

Time and Cost Savings

  • Minimal sea borne transit times
  • No port delays due to congestion or weather conditions
  • Fast and efficient inland transit operations
  • Resulting in considerable time saving of at least a week due to shorter transit times Time saving, plus incentive Corridor pricing structure, result in cost savings

Reliability and Predictability

  • Import, Export and in transit clearing (bonded cargo)
  • Cross-border clearance (regional surface transports)
  • Modern and first class transport infrastructure in place
  • Spare capacities on port, road, and rail side
  • Ensures reliability and predictability of cargo deliveries
  • Convenience
  • High cargo security with low insurance risk


Phone: +264 61 371 100