The School for the Visually Impaired in Khomasdal, a government school that caters for blind learners, children with albinism, learners with learning disabilities and visually impaired individuals, recently received a generous donation which has significantly improved their facilities. The donation, consisting of various essential items, was made possible through the collaboration between the African Group of Ambassadors and Standard Bank Namibia, in celebration of the African Union’s 60th anniversary.

Among the donated items, the school was provided with a much-needed fence that spans an impressive 570 metres, effectively enclosing the premises and ensuring enhanced security. Mrs Annette Ningeniyeni Shililifa, the acting principal of the school, expressed immense gratitude for this contribution. She highlighted the challenges they faced prior to the donation, saying, “We had cases of theft at the school. Burglars would come and steal materials and equipment from the classrooms and even go into the hostel at night when the children are asleep to steal their things.” The provision of the fence has alleviated these concerns and brought a sense of safety and security for both staff and students.

In addition to the fence, the school received other valuable items. Twenty chairs were provided to furnish the dining room, ensuring comfortable seating arrangements for the children. Furthermore, the hostel, where the students reside, now benefits from two washing machines for laundry purposes. Additionally, four geysers were installed, allowing for hot water in the hostel. The advancement in technology was also addressed, with the donation of 15 computers and enlarged keyboards featuring larger letters and numbers. To cater for the specific needs of visually impaired students, ten braille machines were also included in the donation.

While the recent donation has significantly improved the school’s infrastructure, there are still areas that require attention. Mrs Shililifa expressed hope for future funding to support renovations and equipment for the hostel kitchen.

The hostel itself requires renovations, particularly in terms of new tiles and upgrades to the plumbing and electrical wiring. Moreover, the replacement of classroom doors is necessary, as many of them have been subjected to break-ins.

The School for the Visually Impaired in Khomasdal is immensely grateful for the support received from the African Group of Ambassadors and Standard Bank Namibia. The collaboration between these organisations has made a remarkable difference in the lives of the students and staff, fostering a safer and more conducive learning environment. “All of us, even the children, feel safe now and the donations played such a big role in this,” said Mrs Shililifa.

The school’s commitment to empowering individuals with visual impairments serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to contribute towards inclusive education.

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