In a world where barriers often hinder the potential of children with disabilities, a ray of hope shines brightly in Namibia. Debmarine Namibia, a renowned diamond recovery company, has taken a momentous step towards transforming the lives of exceptional children by making a generous and heartfelt donation. Valued at an astounding N$300,000, the donation comprises essential science equipment that will fortify the educational journey of students at the Eluwa Special School in Ongwediva. This act of compassion aims to nurture the school’s unwavering dedication to providing quality education and empowering students with hearing, visual, and intellectual impairments.

The deputy director of education in the Oshana Region, Hilma Nuuyango-George, expressed sincere gratitude for the invaluable donation, emphasising the urgent need for specialised equipment and instructional materials at the school. Recognising the financial constraints faced by the directorate, she acknowledged the limitations in meeting all the necessary requirements without external support.

During the official handover ceremony of the donation, Nuuyango-George praised Debmarine Namibia for their unwavering dedication to inclusive education and the empowerment of students with disabilities. The contribution from the Debmarine will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the learning experience of the students at Eluwa Special School.

Eluwa Special School consists of three dedicated sections catering to students with hearing impairment, visual impairment, and intellectual impairment. Currently, the school accommodates a total of 381 learners, providing them with specialised education within a nurturing environment.

Elizabeth Nuugonya, the principal of the visual impairment section at Eluwa Special School, highlighted the remarkable progress made in the lives of the learners, even with the limited resources available. She emphasised the crucial role that donations play in easing the teaching and learning process, stating, “Without such donations, we could not have achieved what we have achieved so far.”

Originally established in 1966 by the Finnish Mission in the Engela village of the Ohangwena Region, the school initially catered exclusively to visually impaired learners. However, in April 1973, the Department of Education took over and relocated the school to Ongwediva, introducing the hearing impairment section to service a broader range of students with disabilities.

The sponsorship provided by Debmarine Namibia aligns with the company’s social investment pillar, “Partnering for Thriving Communities.” This initiative reflects their commitment to partnering with communities and generating long-lasting benefits in crucial areas such as health and wellbeing, skills and education, and livelihoods.

As part of their broader social responsibility commitment, Debmarine Namibia has established a social investment fund that addresses the identified needs of communities throughout the country. Their aim is to provide sustainable solutions that promote the long-term socio-economic development of the communities in which they operate.

By assisting Eluwa Special School, Debmarine Namibia is actively contributing to improving the lives of children with visual, hearing, and intellectual impairments. They firmly believe that education is a key driver of socio-economic development and remain dedicated to supporting initiatives that ensure access to education for all.

The sponsored equipment includes a range of essential resources such as paints, computers, televisions, fencing materials, Perkins Brailler, teaching aids, science equipment, printers, and stationery, all amounting to a total value of N$300,000. Debmarine Namibia trusts that these materials will be put to good use and significantly contribute to the well-being and development of the special learners at Eluwa Special School.

Debmarine Namibia’s support for Eluwa Special School exemplifies their dedication to partnering with communities to create a brighter future for all. Their commitment to using resources for sustainable development and leaving a lasting positive legacy in the communities they operate in is truly commendable. The company hopes that this sponsorship serves as an inspiration for others to support their communities and make a positive difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

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