MTN Namibia and The GridOnline have taken the Namibian ICT sector a stride forward as the parties sign their first commercial contract for bulk data transmission services, provided by The GridOnline, a service offering by NamPower.

This significant event demonstrates another example of corporates consolidating efforts to propel the national and Southern African ICT sector forward and stabilising the framework within which development can be streamlined. The availability of reliable and affordable telecommunications is seen by both organisations as a fundamental pillar for the growth of a multitude of sectors, including education, trade and industry, medical services, tourism and entertainment, engineering and manufacturing, infrastructure development and effective administration.

The GridOnline is an important enabler for the ICT sector in Namibia, and thus NamPower is delighted to be able to extend this service to ICT providers in the country.

MTN Namibia is committed to connecting Namibians from all walks of life to the Global Village, enabling learning, communication and innovation to improve the livelihoods of Namibians and growing the economy. The company continues to invest in infrastructure, partnerships and new technologies to assist in bringing the country to the cutting edge of modernisation.

About MTN Namibia:

MTN Namibia is an internet service and voice provider with a class comprehensive license.

About The GridOnline:

The GridOnline is a service offering by NamPower, commercially providing managed bulk data transmission capacity to any licensed ICT operator on an equal opportunity basis. This is achieved by sharing NamPower’s fibre optic network infrastructure by means of implementing managed data transmission services, allowing each and any licensed ICT network operator to connect and utilise the same, nation-wide network without having to invest in any new or duplicated infrastructure. This ultimately brings down the cost for the consumer and thereby for the nation and region at large.


Mr Helgo Müller

Senior Engineer: Telecoms & Control The GridOnline

Tel:  +264 61 2052058



Mr Danie van der Merwe

Sales Channel Manager MTN

Tel:  +264 85 127 4342


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