NIPDB Investor One-Stop Centre

In the realm of investment, convenience and efficiency reign supreme, and this is precisely the driving force behind the newly introduced One Stop Centre (OSC), a game-changing initiative by the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB).

In a bold stride towards enhancing Namibia’s business landscape, the OSC aims to revolutionise the investor experience, setting its sights on eliminating the age-old pain points that have hindered seamless investment ventures. Until now, investors seeking to establish a foothold in Namibia have navigated through a labyrinth of complexities, battling through a thicket of administrative obstacles and convoluted processes. The OSC emerges as a beacon of hope, promising to untangle the web of red tape and offering investors a consolidated hub for a myriad of services – transforming the way business is done within the nation’s borders.

Providing a holistic, user-friendly, and user-oriented service to investors is what the OSC hopes to achieve, while simultaneously improving Namibia’s competitiveness as well as the Ease of Doing Business.

One-stop shops deliver substantial savings in time and costs for users by providing seamless, integrated and easily accessible contact points, which reduces the administrative burden on potential investors. This service offering is aligned with the NIPDB’s goal of eliminating process bottlenecks faced by both local and foreign investors in establishing and running businesses in Namibia.

“The One Stop Centre is anchored in the NIPDB’s goal to enhance Namibia’s competitiveness and value proposition as an investment destination. Investors will now have direct access to a host of business related services in a single location.”

“What we set out to do, as representatives of the Namibian Government, is enable a coordinated public sector responsiveness to support the private sector,” states Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the NIPDB, Nangula Uaandja.

The One Stop Centre houses government services that are key to the investment process in a single location, resulting in transparent, quick and efficient services for investors. These services include facilitation of restricted area permits, visa and work permit applications, as well as various forms of business registration – business establishment, income tax and VAT registration and request for investment support, amongst others.

Now, an investor can register their business name, apply for importation permits, environmental clearance certificates, work visas and much more, all under one roof.

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